Global Compliance and Seamless Connectivity With All Your Trading Partners Using One Solution

Centralize all your EDI and e-Invoicing processes and meet local compliance requirements through a single international provider.

Automate your electronic transactions with clients, suppliers, or public administrations through a powerful technological infrastructure that operates transparently in SaaS mode. Optimize your commercial, financial and logistical operations through scalable solutions adapted to local legislations in each country in which you operate.


EDI Solutions

EDI Solutions

Multi-standard, multi-protocol EDI Solutions to automate the exchange of business transactions with any B2B EDI business partner.

Factura Electrónica

Global e-Invoicing

We simplify the adaptation of your information systems to e-Invoicing requirements in every country where your company operates.

VAT Compliance

Electronic VAT Reporting

We develop certified electronic services to automate electronic VAT reporting and tax declarations with tax authorities in the European and Latin American regions.


iPaaS Platform

Integration of your digital ecosystem of business applications in the cloud. Consolidation of all your information processes by synchronizing your management solutions infrastructure.


Certified Trust Services

We offer advanced cryptography services such as electronic document signing in compliance with the applicable regulations in various countries. We operate as a Certification Authority in the European Union, Colombia, and Mexico.

Firma Electrónica

e-Signature of Documents

Document validation solution with e-Signature. Transform the slow document approval process into an automatic, digital flow with evidentiary value before third parties.

International Provider for e-Invoicing and Electronic VAT Reporting

EDICOM simplifies your e-Invoicing and tax reporting operations in more than 80 countries worldwide, adapting the data structures of your management systems to the local legislations in each country where your organization operates.
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On demand webinar: E-invoicing in Vietnam

Discover how to comply with the legal requirements of electronic invoicing in Vietnam and contact us to request a demo of the solution. We will advise you on the most suitable solution for your business in Vietnam or other Asia-Pacific countries.

Webinar Deloitte & EDICOM: e-Invoicing in the Asia-Pacific Region

How to adapt to e-Invoicing? Which countries already have mandatory legislations? If you weren't able to attend, watch again our webinar with Deloitte where we analyzed the e-Invoicing trends in the APAC region.

Webinar Spanish Ministry & EDICOM: Mandatory B2B electronic invoicing in Spain

Electronic invoicing will be mandatory for Spanish companies. For companies whose annual turnover exceeds 8 million euros,the implementation deadline is 1 year once the technical regulations have been approved.

More than 17,000 Companies Worldwide Rely on EDICOM's EDI Solutions

We are one of the prominent international leaders in EDI Solutions, e-Invoicing and business-to-business application integration.

Since 1995, we have been offering technological services that help optimize the management and digital transformation processes of thousands of companies worldwide through a B2B2G platform in the cloud and 24x7x365 availability.

We develop international corporate projects in more than 80 countries worldwide from our permanent headquarters in Europe and America.

Surveillance, monitoring and management of your SaaS EDI platform

Fully outsource the management of your EDI platform to an international provider with over 25 years of experience

Outsourcing the technological resources associated with your EDI B2B communications platform to a global provider such as EDICOM.

Delegate the management procedures required for its maintenance guarantees constant updating and optimal operation of commercial, logistical, and tax communications with your public or private partners.

Certified EDI Service

Certified EDI Service

We guarantee the highest quality provision of our SaaS services through international certifications that guarantee the quality and protocols by which we provide our services.

ISO 27001 | ISO 20000 | ISAE 3402

EDI Cloud Computing Platform

EDI Cloud Computing Platform

EDICOM provides you with a technological infrastructure with maximum security, permanently monitored (24x7), and staffed by dedicated professionals who ensure that your solution is always available.

International Support Center

International Support Center

An EDICOM technician acts as an operator for your EDI SaaS Platform, managing all your administrative parameters as an advanced user of your EDI communications system.

Coverage of EDICOM's EDI SaaS EDI Service

Our services for the delegated management of your EDI platform includes a specialized EDICOM technician that acts as your dedicated support-line. This technician tends to all alarms, promptly notifying the customer of incidents and measures taken to keep your solution always up to date and operational.


  • System administration and monitoring

  • Control of data availability level

  • Incident resolution

  • e-Invoicing (certificate management, platform parameterization, business partner testing)

  • Connectivity management with VAN (Value Added Networks) 

  • Accurate information exchange with internal and external business partners

  • Global installation maintenance

  • Updating of the business partner list on your platform

  • Incorporation of e-Invoicing clients (certificate uploading, agenda configuration, communication and format tests, etc.)

  • Platform adaptation

  • Review of interfaces and specification of changes to be made to promote improvements. (This does not include the development of modifications and new interfaces).

  • Performing message exchange tests up to implementing new EDI message exchanges (new business partners, new messages).

  • Monitoring connection validity with your EDI partners

  • Analysis of documents with excessive delays in the transfer process

  • Analysis of possible incidents due to excessive delays in the document reception process

  • Confirmation of the correct destination receipt of all sent documents

  • Confirmation of the correct processing of all received documents to ensure their integration into the client's ERP

  • EDICOM subjects its EDI software and services to rigorous security audits on an ongoing basis.

  • The audit methodology is based on the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) international standard.

  • To locate security weaknesses, vulnerability analysis and internal and external intrusion tests are carried out on EDICOM's infrastructure, services, and web applications.

  • These activities are carried out by a team of independent auditors.

We Make EDI Compliance Easy

EDICOM's EDI Platform integrates the management of the most common transactions with the main HUBs or retailers worldwide.

EDI Amazon
EDI Amazon
EDI Delhaize
EDI Carrefour
EDI Costco
EDI Mediamarkt
EDI Lidl
EDI Tesco

What EDI Needs Do You Have In Your Sector or Business?

We develop vertical EDI and e-Invoicing solutions adapted to the daily operations of your production sector.


Do you want to know more about EDI technology or e-Invoicing?

You are getting started with EDI in your company, need to know the legal characteristics of e-Invoicing systems in a region of the world, or simply want to keep up to date with tax updates ... Please get in touch with us, and we will answer all your questions in a personalized way. In the meantime, visit our extensive resource catalog.

Our Electronic Trust Services Worldwide

International certifications allow us to provide our solutions with mechanisms that guarantee the exchange of electronic messages in a secure, complete, and confidential manner.

At EDICOM, we have the highest certifications in trust services and provide companies, communities, and individuals with secure electronic identification mechanisms that allow them to conduct activities where e-Signatures replace handwritten signatures with identical legal guarantees.

Certification Authority in Europe

Certification Authority in Europe

We issue qualified certificates that comply with the European Regulation eIDAS 910/2014, qualified to operate in all countries of the EU. We also obtain the corresponding official recognition in those places outside the European Union where a company operates commercially.

In addition to the issuance of recognized certificates, other qualified services provided are qualified e-Signature, time stamping, and certified archiving.

eIDAS Trust Service Provider

eIDAS Trust Service Provider

The eIDAS Regulation creates a cross-border legal framework that ensures the interoperability of electronic identification mechanisms in all member states. The aim is to remove barriers and make electronic identification and signature systems valid so that both individuals and legal entities can use their electronic identification in any country of the European Union.

The services provided include the issuance of Qualified e-Signature, Qualified electronic seal certificates, Qualified Electronic Time Stamps, and the preservation of these stamps.

Trust Service Provider in Mexico

Trust Service Provider in Mexico

ACEDICOMMX certification allows us to issue certificates in compliance with the provisions outlined in the Commercial Code on e-Signatures. We also act as a Certification Service Provider thanks to the accreditation of the Mexican Ministry of Economy.

Certification Authority in Colombia

Certification Authority in Colombia

EDICOM issues certificates in Colombia and provides services in compliance with the corresponding national legislation. The services allow users to perform activities using a valid e-Signature. To this end, we provide certificate issuance, timestamping, and electronic document preservation services.

Stay Tuned with the Latest News on e-Invoicing Compliance and EDI

Saudi Arabia Makes Electronic Invoicing Mandatory: FATOORAH Project

The EDICOM e-Invoicing solution for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ready for the integration phase with the ZATCA system

NF-e - Mandatory electronic invoicing system in Brazil

Find out all about the mandatory electronic invoice in Brazil known as Nota Fiscal Eletrônica (NF-e).

United States Electronic Invoicing Project: Digital Business Networks Alliance (DBNAlliance)

The DBNA will be responsible for defining policies, standards, and security mechanisms that make up the exchange framework

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