EDI Supplier Web Portal

An EDI portal for sending electronic documents to 100% of your EDI partners, including those who do not have an electronic data interchange solution.

Issue of Purchase Orders

Automate the sending of purchase orders from your ERP by publishing them in a private environment for each supplier.

Billing Integration

Integrate the invoices that your suppliers send through the portal, automating their registration in your accounts payable system.

Personalized Workflows

Customize the communication workflow with your supplier network by incorporating document exchange for shipping notices, catalogs, etc.

Integrate 100% of Your Suppliers Through the EDI Web Portal

EDICOM's supplier portal is a web-based EDI solution integrated with your management system to automatically send purchase orders to suppliers and receive invoices in electronic format.



Publication of Purchase Orders

The EDICOM platform processes 100% of the orders generated in your management system. The EDI Web Portal Solution recognizes orders from suppliers who do not have an EDI solution and automatically publishes them in the portal, informing the supplier of new orders.


Supplier Access to Portal

After receiving notification of new orders, the supplier accesses the portal to consult, download and print orders. Access to the EDI portal and the management of these orders generate notifications received by the client. This allows you to have permanent traceability of your orders.


Invoice Integration

Once the purchase order has been processed, the supplier logs back into the EDI portal. Based on the purchase order, they issue the invoice using the data entry screens. This record considers the original purchase order data, simplifies its issuance, and facilitates subsequent matching with the purchase order for automatic integration into the accounts payable application.

Advantages of the EDI Portal for Suppliers

Major Brands That Already Rely on EDICOM's Supplier Portals

Different aspects of these portals can be customized in order to preserve the company's corporate image. Customization is also possible by implementing e-Signature services within the document exchange process.

In addition, the same portal serves as an invoice dematerialization tool and is fully compliant with French e-Invoicing requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are currently relying on an EDI solution to integrate your major suppliers, you have already seen the benefits of this technology. You will probably want to extend it to lower-volume suppliers that may not be required to adopt these systems.

The Supplier Portal is a web EDI environment that the sponsor company of the project is financially responsible for. In no case will the suppliers who exchange messages through the portal bear the cost of setting up or using the portal as a user.

It is 100% secure since the entire communication flow, and integration processes are carried out using private electronic data interchange networks such as EDICOMNet, and secure protocols adapted to the nature of these transactions.

Sometimes partners in your supply chain do not have a solution adapted to your EDI project, or are not in a position to adopt a solution in the short-term. These are usually small or medium-sized suppliers with whom the supplier has a reduced volume of document exchange. It is also possible to extend its use to service providers and creditors.

Although they are designed for basic data exchange flows (purchase orders and invoices), the portals allow the implementation of workflows with a larger number of documents if the project so requires. The sponsor can use this channel to inform its suppliers of stocks and logistical data on the product available at its points of sale or warehouses (INVRPT) or issue notices of goods receipts once they have arrived at their destination (RECADV).

Within the messages that make up the flow required by the project, you can implement whichever ones are necessary. Such as the dispatch notification (DESADV) to inform the client that goods are leaving the manufacturer's warehouse or the product catalog (PRICAT) with information about the products, details, prices, etc.

Yes, the supplier portals allow you to catalog the different suppliers according to their characteristics. It is possible to configure different document flows adapted to the particularities of your project, involving them in the issuance and processing of more or fewer messages, depending on the type of relationship maintained with the portal sponsor.

Complementary Solutions to the Supplier Portal

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