An EDI Solution to Connect With Any Global Partner

EDICOM offers an EDI solution with multistandard, multiprotocol functionality, guaranteeing connectivity with any partner throughout the world.

Our Experts in International EDI

Our EDI experts have the essential skills to successfully implement an International Electronic Data Interchange project. They do this from different countries and in different languages (including English), so make sure to activate the subtitles, and you won't miss anything.


How to choose an international EDI provider

International EDI Software

EDICOM has one of the most powerful EDI technological infrastructures. This allows for EDI solutions with an international reach.

Our EDI platform's capabilities guarantee connectivity with any partner, thanks to the ability to transform data in multiple EDI document standards or the many EDI B2B and B2G communication services. These offer multiprotocol connectivity and interconnection with the main private B2B networks around the world, as well as with public administrations in many countries.

multistandard EDI

An EDI Platform with Multistandard Capability

EDIFACT, X12, UBL, PEPPOL, ODETTE...  Regardless of the EDI document standard generated, you have to exchange with your counterparts.

edi connectivity protocols

EDI Platform with Multiprotocol Capability

AS2, AS4, OFTP, X400, SFTP... Tell us who you need to exchange EDI documents with, no matter your company profile, industry or geographic location.

EDI outsourcing

International EDI Project Management

Externalized EDI services allow you to delegate all functions related to the maintenance and administration of your B2B EDI to our specialized EDICOM team.

We Make EDI Compliance Easy

Seamlessly integrate and connect with any global HUB or retailer.

EDI Amazon
EDI Delhaize
EDI Costco
EDI Carrefour

Centralize your EDI solution with an international technology partner

Is your company an international organization? Do you need to integrate your management systems with those of your global clients and suppliers through EDI? Do you want to enhance your B2B EDI project by centralizing management with a global partner with international capabilities?

Send us your information, and an expert consultant will contact you immediately to analyze your needs and explain how we can help you.

EDI Strategies for International Companies

International companies with a presence in different countries must define an EDI communications model adapted to specific needs. At EDICOM, we offer centralized solutions designed to respond to global clients through a single B2B EDI platform.


centralized EDI

EDICOM's Centralized EDI Solution

A centralized strategy is based on the design of a global EDI solution capable of adapting to the specifics of each country where your company carries out B2B and B2G EDI communications.

  1. It implements an integration process with one or several ERPs.
  2. It adapts data structures from your information system to any EDI standard.
  3. It implements various connectivity solutions to guarantee communication with any partner.
  4. It works in the cloud, with 24/7 availability.
  5. It allows for configuration of different management environments that are adapted to each country where platform users are located.
  6. It implements a user support service in several languages and time zones.
decentralized EDI

Decentralized EDI Solution

The strategy means operating in each location with a local EDI operator that responds to your platform's specifics in each market.

  1. It implies developing different projects with different technology partners.
  2. It implies the participation of several partners (one for each applied solution).
  3. Connectivity with partners depends on each EDI service provider's capabilities.
  4. Each solution management environment is different and depends on the criteria used by each service provider. This increases operational and management costs, leaving effective processes behind.
global account management

International Corporate Accounts Program

Large international companies need constant, recurrent business follow-up that allows communication between the company and its technology partner to be fluid and direct, without departmental size or location affecting strong EDI project development.

EDICOM therefore offers multinational companies a global management and business advisory service for their EDI platform that adapts to the functional and geographical reality of large business groups. To achieve this, a corporate management program is defined. Main partners are defined according to each function or location, enabling centralized management and an approach to projects that simplifies operational management as much as possible.

  1. One single point of contact (SPOC).
  2. One technician designated to be responsible for the program.
  3. Preferred economic conditions that reward the growth and evolution of the business group's technological platform.
  4. Follow-up and information access on a preferential and periodic basis.
  5. Standardization of the cost model.
  6. Standardization of processes through the design of a playbook.
  7. Joint detection of areas for opportunity.

News About Electronic Data Interchange

EDICOM Participates in GS1 Connect Event on Supply Chain Best Practices

EDICOM will be present at the GS1 Connect conference in San Diego between June 7th-9th as a global EDI technology provider

NEP NHS Consortium Mandates The Electronic Exchange Of Purchase Orders And Invoices

The NEP Consortium has mandated the use of electronic invoicing and purchase orders via PEPPOL as of 1st of June 2022

My ROI (Return on Investment) with EDI

EDI is still in play and a large part of the transactions of many CAC 40 companies are based on EDI flows

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