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United States Launches Electronic Invoicing Pilot Project

07/12/2022 (updated)
 Electronic Invoicing USA
The initiative seeks to establish a standardized electronic invoicing system with an electronic document exchange network.

Germany: Introduction to the B2B Electronic Invoice

Germany: B2B electronic invoice
Germany is starting to figure out how to use electronic invoices between businesses in the country.

CFDI 4.0 – Mexico Updates e-Invoice Format

29/11/2022 (updated)
cfdi 4.0
The CFDI version 4.0 will impact all issuance and reception flows of the electronic invoice and associated documents

New Requirements for the Declaration of the Transportation of Merchandise in Mexico

28/11/2022 (updated)
CFDI  mexico
The SAT has approved a consignment note that must accompany the CFDI for the transfer of merchandise

Ticket Bai Spain’s New Invoicing and Tax Compliance System

24/11/2022 (updated)
TicketBai Spain Tax Compliance
TicketBAI is the new invoice reporting model created by the three Basque provincial councils and the Basque Government

How does e-Invoicing in Bolivia work?

23/11/2022 (updated)
bolivia e-Invoicing
The Bolivian tax authority SIN has published the first group of companies that must comply with the invoicing system

Denmark Modernizes Its Bookkeeping Act to Promote the Digitalization of Accounting

16/11/2022 (updated)
Denmark Bookkeeping Act
The new Bookkeeping Act requires Danish companies to submit their annual reports as of January 2024

SAT extends the use of Payroll CFDI 4.0

The CFDI payroll 3.3 may continue to be used until March 31, 2023. The SAT delays its entry to facilitate compliance.

Status of e-Invoicing in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE countries)

09/11/2022 (updated)
e-Invoicing in CEE countries
Which countries in Central and Eastern Europe are e-Invoicing and VAT registration declarations headed?

Saudi Arabia Makes Electronic Invoicing Mandatory

03/11/2022 (updated)
Saudi Arabia Electronic Invoicing
The EDICOM electronic invoicing solution is now ready for integration phase with the ZATCA system.