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Saudi Arabia Makes Electronic Invoicing Mandatory: FATOORAH Project

29/05/2023 (updated)
Saudi Arabia Electronic Invoicing
The EDICOM e-Invoicing solution for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ready for the integration phase with the ZATCA system

NF-e - Mandatory electronic invoicing system in Brazil

23/05/2023 (updated)
Find out all about the mandatory electronic invoice in Brazil known as Nota Fiscal Eletrônica (NF-e).

United States Electronic Invoicing Project: Digital Business Networks Alliance (DBNAlliance)

18/05/2023 (updated)
 Electronic Invoicing USA
The DBNA will be responsible for defining policies, standards, and security mechanisms that make up the exchange framework

EDICOM PDP for Electronic Invoicing in France

17/05/2023 (updated)
Edicom PDP Candidate
EDICOM will become a PDP (Partenaire Dematerialisation Platform) to offer Electronic Invoicing services in France.

How to Electronically Invoice in Turkey

16/05/2023 (updated)
electronic invoicing turkey
The Turkish Revenue Administration (TRA) has announced new tax obligations

Directive 2014/55/EU: e-Invoicing in public procurement in Europe

15/05/2023 (updated)
Directive 2014/55/EU
Directive 2014/55/EU officially came into force on April 18, 2019 to improve efficiency in public procurement processes

Poland: B2B Electronic Invoicing Mandatory Through the KSeF Platform

11/05/2023 (updated)
Poland B2B Electronic Invoicing
e-Invoicing via the KSeF National System started on a voluntary basis in January 2022 and on a mandatory basis from 2024

Israel introduces its electronic invoice clearance model

Israel introduces its electronic invoice clearance model
The plan published by the Ministry of Finance foresees the adoption of electronic invoicing starting in 2024

Germany: Introduction of B2B Electronic Invoicing

09/05/2023 (updated)
Germany: B2B electronic invoice
B2B electronic invoicing in Germany could become mandatory starting in January 2025

How to legally send PDF invoices in Portugal

03/05/2023 (updated)
electronic signature Portugal
Starting from January 1, 2024, PDF invoices in Portugal must include a qualified electronic signature.