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How e-Reporting Works in France

01/03/2024 (updated)
ereporting francia
The tax reform undertaken by France includes a new e-Reporting system to declare accounting and tax information...

Status of Mandatory Electronic Invoicing Between Companies in Spain

28/02/2024 (updated)
b2b Electronic Invoicing spain
Key points of the technical regulation for electronic invoicing between companies in Spain.

Israel introduces B2B e-Invoicing as of 2024: CTC clearance model

27/02/2024 (updated)
Israel introduces its electronic invoice clearance model
Phased introduction of the electronic invoice determined by the value of the invoices, starting on May 5th, 2024

EDICOM PDP candidate for Electronic Invoicing in France

22/02/2024 (updated)
Edicom PDP Candidate
EDICOM will become a PDP (Partenaire Dematerialisation Platform) to offer Electronic Invoicing services in France.

Status of B2B Electronic Invoicing in France

22/02/2024 (updated)
B2B Electronic Invoicing in France
France is moving forward with its new electronic taxation system for private companies.

NF-e - Mandatory electronic invoicing system in Brazil

22/02/2024 (updated)
Find out all about the mandatory electronic invoice in Brazil known as Nota Fiscal Eletrônica (NF-e).

Electronic Invoicing in Ecuador

21/02/2024 (updated)
Electronic Invoicing in Ecuador
We provide you with the latest updates on the status of electronic invoicingin Ecuador.

Electronic Invoicing Becomes Mandatory in Belgium starting January 2026

16/02/2024 (updated)
Belgium B2B electronic invoice
Belgium to introduce mandatory B2B electronic invoicing starting January 1, 2026

How Does the e-Way Bill in India Work?

16/02/2024 (updated)
e-Way Bill in India
The e-Way Bill is an electronic document used for the declaration of goods transportation in India

Romania: RO e-Transport System for Freight Transportation

15/02/2024 (updated)
Romania RO e-Transport System
Starting on July 1st, 2024, the obligation of RO e-Transport for all international transports will be mandated