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Companies invest a large part of their revenues to ensure that their internal management procedures comply with legal requirements. Compliance is different in every country, sector and company. We will help you keep up with all the news about new technical and legal obligations in our blog. You can also discover all our solutions in our compliance website.

Asia-Pacific: Status of e-Invoicing and Electronic Tax Reporting

21/09/2022 (updated)
Asia-Pacific: e-Invoicing
From Japan to New Zealand, the APAC region is accelerating the implementation of e-Invoicing requirements

Brazil Makes the Use of the GTIN Code Mandatory in the e-Fiscal Note (NF-e)

As of September 12, 2022, using the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) on the e-Fiscal Note (NF e) is mandatory.

New Parameters for CFDI Mass Downloading in Mexico

EDICOM, as an Authorized Certification Provider, is authorized to download up to 200K XML documents per request.

Ticket Bai Spain’s New Invoicing and Tax Compliance System

07/09/2022 (updated)
TicketBai Spain Tax Compliance
TicketBAI is the new invoice reporting model created by the three Basque provincial councils and the Basque Government

How Does e-Invoicing Work in Uruguay?

e-Invoicing Uruguay
Learn about the e-Invoicing system in Uruguay based on the use of e-Tax Receipts (CFE).

e-Invoicing and e-Tax Compliance in Africa

fe africa
We analyze the state of e-Invoicing in Africa and the latest developments in e-Tax compliance.

Denmark Modernizes Its Bookkeeping Act to Promote the Digitalization of Accounting

Denmark Bookkeeping Act
The new Bookkeeping Act requires Danish companies to submit their annual reports as of January 2024

Portugal: Electronic Tax Requirements in 2022

08/07/2022 (updated)
 tax requirements Portugal
New obligations to comply with electronic tax requirements in Portugal

Status of B2B Electronic Invoicing in France

31/05/2022 (updated)
factura B2B francia
France is moving forward with its new electronic taxation system for private companies.

How e-Reporting Works in France

26/05/2022 (updated)
ereporting francia
The tax reform undertaken by France includes a new e-Reporting system to declare accounting and tax information...