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Companies invest a large part of their revenues to ensure that their internal management procedures comply with legal requirements. Compliance is different in every country, sector and company. We will help you keep up with all the news about new technical and legal obligations in our blog. You can also discover all our solutions in our compliance website.

2020 Roadmap: the Advance of E-Invoicing in Europe and Latin America, and Launch in New Markets

einvocing worldwide
E-invoicing continues its unstoppable advance across the globe. Discover the latest in e-invoicing and the foremost changes

The Hungarian Tax Authority NAV Is Set to Require the Saf-T Format for Data Reporting

hungria nav saft
NAV has organized a pilot project involving large enterprises and tech providers, including EDICOM to implement the SAF-T

Roadmap 2019: e-Procurement, e-Invoicing and e-VAT in Europe and Latin America

e-Procurement, e-Invoicing and e-VAT
Throughout 2019 there are several key dates for compliance with requisites for e-invoicing, VAT returns and e-procurement

Singapore Encourages the Use of E-Invoicing With Peppol

Singapore e-invoicing
Singapore launched its national e-Invoicing network in 2019, based on the PEPPOL infrastructure

Automate Reporting of Issued and Received Invoices with the i.SAF System in Lithuania

 i.SAF system Lithuania
The i.SAF file is declared electronically on a monthly basis prior to the 20th of the following month.

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