Global e-Invoicing & VAT Compliance in All Your Electronic Transactions

Adapt your systems and processes to the requirements of governments and clients worldwide, integrating your systems with the EDICOM Platform.

International e-Invoicing

Our solutions meet the requirements of the countries in which you operate in terms of e-Invoicing between companies, individuals, and public administrations. 

International VAT Compliance

Total compliance with the obligation to declare VAT in compliance with electronic forms developed in various countries.

Additional Compliance

Electronic transport declarations, electronic accounting, electronic tax reporting... We automate your processes according to the requirements of each country from which you operate.

A single platform. Infinite solutions.

Simplify your tax and e-Invoicing compliance obligations from a single technologic solution by sending e-Invoices and e-Reports to any public administration or government agency, as well as to your business partners.

Thanks to our specialized teams and our International Compliance Platform, we manage the generation and sending of your electronic tax documents with any public authority and suppliers in full compliance with any requested technical requirements.


Solution that complies with the requirements in France for B2G and B2B e-Invoicing and e-Reporting systems through the Chorus Pro platform - Public Platform for Invoicing (PPF).


Complete CFDI management, sending and receiving 100% of electronic documents with suppliers, certified digitalization, and electronic archiving.


Public administrations must receive e-Invoices while their suppliers issue them voluntarily. Between companies, e-Invoicing will be mandatory in 2023, according to the Polish government's plans.


Thanks to the EDICOM solution and the DF-e portal, we can issue any type of electronic tax document required in Brazil (NF-e, NFS-e, CT-e).

Saudi Arabia

The EDICOM electronic invoicing solution is ready for phase II, the integration phase, with the ZATCA system.

Costa Rica

Integration, generation, and sending of e-Invoices to the Ministry of Finance, acknowledgment of receipt, and final sending of the invoice to the recipients.

Global e-Invoicing Compliance Map

Consult EDICOM's International Compliance Map to discover all the places in the world where we have solutions that comply with the requirements of government agencies.

EDICOM accredited as a PEPPOL Access Point

The OpenPEPPOL association certified EDICOM as a PEPPOL Access Point in 2015. In addition, EDICOM received SMP certification for the implementation of its metadata publication service.

EDICOM PEPPOL Access Point enables public administrations and authorities to interact with business partners and suppliers through integrated solutions that automate electronic document interchange of all types under the PEPPOL-XML standard.


Worldwide e-Invoicing Compliance

EDICOM has extensive international knowledge of the different electronic invoicing systems. We analyze and study the models in many countries to offer solutions that adapt to the technological requirements of each one.



Since 2021, e-Invoicing in Taiwan, also called Egui, has been mandatory for any company operating in the country.



Egypt is currently in the process of mandatory implementation of e-invoicing, depending on the invoicing volume of the companies.



Commonwealth agencies must adopt e-invoicing no later than July 1, 2022.

Compliance with Public Administrations Worldwide

EDICOM solutions automate the adaptation of your systems with data transformation tools and specific communications solutions, adapted to the requirements of the Public Administrations of those countries in which it operates. 


factura electronica latam

e-Invoicing in LATAM

Integrate your systems with the Latin American tax authorities to issue e-Invoices according to the e-Invoicing models of each country in the region.

factura electronica europa

e-Invoicing in Europe

We implement data transformation, signature, and communications technologies to meet the requirements of e-Invoicing in Europe.

etax & VAT compliance

Electronic Tax Declaration

Automate VAT and other electronic tax returns in those countries with VAT regulations.

Solve Your Global Electronic VAT Return Challenges

Tax agencies around the world are moving towards electronic tax compliance to improve tax control processes, simplify procedures, and automate monitoring processes. 

In a global market, each country continues to dictate its own rules. We offer you a global solution to manage every e-Reporting request.


Lituania - i.MAS

Smart Tax Administration System

Tax and accounting information reporting.

i.MAS Lithuania Solution

Greece - myDATA

My Digital Accounting & Tax Application

Tax and accounting information reporting.

myDATA Solution - Greece

Hungary - RTIR

Hungary Real-Time Invoice Reporting

Real-time communication.

RTIR Solution in Hungary

Romania - SAFT

Standard Audit Tax Purposes

Declaration of tax and accounting information.

SAF-T Solution in Poland

What is the EDICOM e-Invoicing Observatory?

We have a team specifically dedicated to staying on top of any regulatory changes that may arise regarding e-Invoicing and electronic tax returns so that your company does not have to deal with them.

Thus, we provide our clients with a constant fulfillment of our solutions with the various countries' requirements and quick incorporation of new countries and their technological requirements to our solutions.

Surveillance, monitoring and management of your B2B2G solution in SaaS mode

Outsourcing the technological resources associated with your B2B2G communications platform to a global provider such as EDICOM, and delegating the management procedures required for its maintenance, guarantees constant updating and optimum operation of commercial, logistical and tax communications with your public or private partners.

Cloud Computing Platform

Cloud Computing Platform

EDICOM provides you with a technological infrastructure with maximum security, permanently monitored (24x7), and staffed by dedicated professionals who ensure that your solution is always available.

International Support Center

International Support Center

An EDICOM technician acts as an operator for your EDI SaaS Platform, managing all your administrative parameters as an advanced user of your EDI communications system.

  • System administration and monitoring

  • Control of data availability level

  • Incident resolution

  • e-Invoicing (certificate management, platform parameterization, business partner testing)

  • Connectivity management with VAN (Value Added Networks) 

  • Accurate information exchange with internal and external business partners

  • Global installation maintenance

  • Updating of the business partner list on your platform

  • Incorporation of e-Invoicing clients (certificate uploading, agenda configuration, communication and format tests, etc.)

  • Platform adaptation

  • Review of interfaces and specification of changes to be made to promote improvements. (This does not include the development of modifications and new interfaces).

  • Performing message exchange tests up to implementing new EDI message exchanges (new business partners, new messages).

  • Monitoring connection validity with your EDI partners

  • Analysis of documents with excessive delays in the transfer process

  • Analysis of possible incidents due to excessive delays in the document reception process

  • Confirmation of the correct destination receipt of all sent documents

  • Confirmation of the correct processing of all received documents to ensure their integration into the client's ERP

  • EDICOM subjects its EDI software and services to rigorous security audits on an ongoing basis.

  • The audit methodology is based on the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) international standard.

  • To locate security weaknesses, vulnerability analysis and internal and external intrusion tests are carried out on EDICOM's infrastructure, services, and web applications.

  • These activities are carried out by a team of independent auditors.

EDICOM International Compliance Platform

Comply with the different requirements of the government agencies belonging to the countries in which you operate as a company from a single platform. Integrate your management systems and send invoices and electronic tax return documents effortlessly.

Integration Module

Integration Module

Our solution integrates with the company's ERPP by putting its mapping systems into service to automatically translate the information generated in the system into the electronic format required by each tax authority (XML, UBL, SAF-T, etc.).

Legal Module

Legal Module

Once the message has been validated, mechanisms are applied to guarantee its legal value — for ex., e-Signature, time stamp, or other certificates. With this, the document is ready to be sent.

Validation Module

Validation Module

The data is then syntactically and semantically validated to check that the file is correct according to the specifications of the destination country.

Communications Module

Communications Module

The platform delivers the message to the tax authority and the recipient, using the necessary protocols in each case (web service, AS2, HTTPS, FTP ... ).

Archiving Module

Archiving Module

VAT books and notifications are stored in an electronic archiving service that guarantees long-term integrity.

User Environments

User Environments

Multiple user environments adapted to the operations to be performed, depending on the country for which you operate.

Advantages for Your Company

Companies no longer need to multiply their tax compliance resources; they can centralize all these tasks in a single solution and country.

With your management systems, complete all the transformations and adaptations required for your documents. Everything is done transparently for the user and without the need to make changes to your systems. 

Automation and centralization increase the efficiency of companies. It is now possible to take full advantage of the benefits of digitalization, including the enormous cost savings that can be achieved. 

EDICOM's VAT Compliance Platform is ready to operate in more than 60 countries worldwide. Its use is a guarantee for companies, avoiding possible fines for tax non-compliance or incorrect declarations.

EDICOM systems have been certified by several organizations, including ISO 27001, ISO20000, ISAE 3402, and TIER II DESIGN. A guarantee of maximum security and a minimum solution availability of 99.9%.

Through the International Tax Compliance Observatory, EDICOM participates in active knowledge management. The solution is permanently updated and adapted to the regulatory changes that occur periodically in the various countries.

Latest Updates on International Compliance

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Mandatory Electronic Invoicing in Saudi Arabia: FATOORAH Project

The electronic invoicing project in Saudi Arabia is called the FATOORAH and is applicable to B2B, B2C, and B2G transactions

Mandatory CTC Electronic Invoicing model in Malaysia as of August, 2024

Mandatory B2B electronic invoicing begins on August 2024 for taxpayers with an annual turnover exceeding 100 million MYR

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