International project management to boost your global leadership


We optimize your time and resource management thanks to centralized and cloud technology platforms.


An EDICOM team made up of different nationalities will assist in your project to achieve the objectives defined in each country in which you will operate. This team will always be coordinated by a Manager, your main point of contact.


We help you develop and maintain a competitive advantage on the global stage by mitigating expansion risks.

We listen, analyze and implement customized solutions for your business.

Our experience of over 25 years implementing custom projects allows us to develop centralized solutions to respond to global customers through an EDI B2B platform with multiple services and applications.

EDICOM's specialized teams design custom projects according to your needs. In addition, we provide you with a multicultural, multilingual team of professionals to manage your project in several countries.

We build long-term business relationships based on:

Supplier Portal


We see the creation of your project through from the beginning, advising and analyzing each step to maximize your objectives and profit.

Client Portal

Efficient Management

We control and monitor projects and reports, with quality systems for each activity.

Certification Portal

Clear Communication

Human relationships are as important as commercial relationships. Our teams are at your disposal for any consultation, guaranteeing long-term, two-way communication.

Management of large international EDI projects

SME’s will act in a coordinated manner to offer a centralized management through your Project Manager, applying our own methodologies designed by SCRUM and KANBAN.

We guarantee minimal implementation times by working on a planning defined by both work teams (client and EDICOM) through the active collaboration of the people involved.

Each project is studied and customized according to the client's needs, although some key phases tend to be:

Management of large international EDI projects
  • Analysis of the information.

  • Message development: Integration and testing flows.

  • Platform Configuration.

  • Configuration of communications.

  • Integration with the Client's Internal System.

  • Coordination of partner migration project.

  • Testing and validation of the different information flows.

  • Business control developments.

  • Configuration of platform user profiles.

  • User training.

  • Go-Live and Continued Support

  • Project documentation.

We have experience and methodology in managing large migration projects.

EDICOM performs B2B project management based on an analysis phase in which the scope of the project is defined and key information is provided in full coordination with the client. The aim is always to control possible risks during the migration phase in which both platforms will probably have to coexist.

In a migration project, it is essential to study and analyze in detail the relationship between:

  • Integration flows and User Guides (EDI message versions) to achieve an optimization in the developments, trying to unify the integration flows.
  • Mensajes para intercambiar.
  • Business partners. 
  • Countries and their legal particularities (compliance).
  • Business units involved.

From these elements, EDICOM develops a specific migration procedure based on the identified requirements.

One of the most critical phases in a migration project is the coordination with all partners for the platform migration. Exactly how and when the change is to be notified in line with the defined migration strategy must be defined.

In the case of a communications network migration, each partner must establish the protocol change and/or gateway request in advance, hence the importance of the planning and accuracy with which EDICOM Project Managers work. Communication with partners and coordination between the three parties (EDICOM-Customer-Partner) is a key factor that will define the success of the project.

The communications testing phase and message testing are fundamental and are carried out beforehand in the test environment prepared prior to migration of the system to production.

In addition, EDICOM has tailor-made services and tools to which you can delegate an onboarding project of your B2B partner community before, during or after the migration of your EDI platform. For example, our EDI Partner Certification Portal offers an autonomous space where users can verify the quality of the processes implemented in their Electronic Data Interchange projects.

In the migration project of an EDI platform, not only the technological solution that implements the functionality is fundamental. The management, advice and experience that will ensure the success of the migration project and its execution are critical.

The quality of the service provided by EDICOM is audited under the terms of ISO20000, which establishes the mechanisms for measuring and monitoring service quality.

All management methodologies applied by EDICOM follow best practice procedures such as ITIL. The project management methodology followed is based on the PMBOK.

With our project management model, once the initial phases of discussion and validation with sales managers have been completed, EDICOM appoints a project manager from the technical department. The project manager will oversee internal and workgroup coordination tasks, assigning as many technicians from the consulting department as the project requires according to the needs of the project: languages, compliance legislation in each region, regulatory issues...etc. He/she will also be the main and specific contact with the client's project manager.

Weekly meetings (by videoconference or telephone) are planned between the EDICOM Project Manager and the client's Project Manager. The number of meetings is increased depending on the project development.

100% Service: Before, during and after the project

The implementation of any EDICOM technological solution will open the doors of our International Support Center. We guarantee support throughout the entire project, from definition to implementation — and continued support from specialized technicians.

Project Management

Project Management

A team tailored to your project.

A team of specialized consultants will be in charge of configuring and customizing your project.

  • Analysis of project requirements

  • Adaptation and configuration of your solution

  • Development of integrations with your management systems

  • Training and start-up

International Support Center

International Support Center

We respond at any moment. 

Once your project is underway, you will have access to an international support service for assistance with questions and issues.

  • Multilingual support

  • Configuration of environments adapted to your organizational structure

  • Resolution of questions and issues

  • Support available in multiple time zones

Do you need to expand your B2B communications project with new partners and messages?

If you have trading partners with whom you are not integrated or need to add new partners to your communications platform, our development services offer custom solutions to optimize your EDI project. If you would like to receive more information about any of our services, please provide your contact details and one of our specialists will contact you, with no obligation.


International cloud data integration solutions

EDICOM offers all its services from a global platform that integrates the necessary technology for the implementation of advanced EDI B2B communications projects. The platform developed by EDICOM also offers electronic invoicing or tax declaration solutions in accordance with current legislation in many countries.

SaaS Platform

SaaS Platform

The EDICOM platform is one of the so-called SaaS or Software as a Service platforms. Users can access a set of specific solutions hosted in our data centers to manage their communications projects.

High Performance

High Performance

Our platform manages more than 500 million electronic documents annually, with a commitment to permanent 24x7 availability and security in the delivery of each document or electronic transaction.

Compliance Platform

Compliance Platform

The EDICOM solutions available in its platform for Tax Compliance projects or B2B and B2G electronic invoicing are adapted to the current legislation in many Latin American and European countries.

In-House Software Development

In-House Software Development

We put to work solutions that are designed, developed and maintained entirely by EDICOM. This simplifies the implementation, improvement or adaptation of the software, which is the exclusive responsibility of EDICOM.

Security and Confidentiality

Security and Confidentiality

The data managed by our platform is subject to rigorous controls based on the highest international information security standards.

Trust Services Provider

Services and Trust

We operate as a Trusted Service Provider in Europe, Mexico and Colombia for electronic signature and identification or certified storage and delivery of electronic documents.

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