EDICOM Integration Platform As A Service - iPaaS

Any data, from any system, in any place. Optimize your processes, reduce costs and make your company a truly efficient organization.

Limitless Integrations

Integrate and Connect any element within your organization including: data, systems, databases, software, processes, departments, people, etc.

The Best Service

Receive EDICOM’s constant support to scope and develop your integration Project. Enjoy the constant monitoring and support included with the iPaaS solution. 

EDICOMiPaaS Connectors

Discover the EDICOMiPaaS connectors and benefit from connectivity with many applications, data bases, software, partners, public entities and protocols.

Integrate Data Housed in Any Application Through a High-Quality Service

Centralize the data housed in disparate solutions in a secure and highly available environment with 24x7x365 availability.

Integrate your applications in a quick and efficient manner. Reduce costs, automate processes and develop key integrations that will eliminate data dispersal.  

A Cloud Application Integration Platform with All Around Support.

Benefit from EDICOM’s constant guidance during the project’s analysis and implementation, as well as after the solution has been implemented with our excellent maintenance and support teams.  


Access all your information from the system of your choice.

Compile a clear and complete view of everything happening in your company that you can easily present to executives thanks to data integration. 


business application integration

Reduce Process Turnaround Times For all Your Departments

Reduce turnaround time for critical processes in a secure manner. Launch new products in record time and complete sales and marketing actions in record time. Get ahead of the competition by focusing on your company’s core activities.

data coherence

Improve the Quality and Coherence of Your Company’s Data.

Eliminate discrepancies and ensure that data across all systems and departments share the same information. Increase the profitability of your investments.

costs savings

Reduce the costs of Integration Platforms and Your Operations that do not generate any Value.

Drastically manual reduce data entry costs, eliminate human error, and use your employee’s time for more productive endeavors. Delegate the maintenance and infrastructure of your integration infrastructure to a trusted software service provider.

EDICOMiPaaS Solutions

Place your products in the largest Marketplaces without increasing your staff. Optimize critical business processes in your company and reduce costs. Manage the information in your online store or eCommerce Marketplace easily. Create Omnichannel experiences to increase your customer satisfaction. Optimize your human resources Operations and focus on revenue generating operation.  Manage mergers and acquisitions without any effort and with maximum speed and efficiency. 

Manage Your Company’s Complex Application Ecosystem Easily

Ensure that every team and department Works in the platforms they are most comfortable with, increasing productivity without affecting data accessibility.

Rapidly integrate any data in any format with any system and solve the challenges faced from using multiple applications and tools in your company.  

Situations that Require Data Integrations

Increase the efficiency of critical processes in your organization by ensuring that your company’s applications all have synchronized data. Make information accessible for the whole company and troubleshoot easily with data integration Technology. 

Always show confidence to your clients and users by ensuring correct data. Maintain complete alignment in your Brand between your publications through different channels and increase your customer satisfaction. 

Eliminate the risk of solely storing critical information in house by integrating with cloud storage systems. Access information in any legacy or in-house systems from SaaS solutions and external data bases. 

Prevent future issues created by a poor understanding of long-term necessities. Use a cloud integration platform instead of relying on point to point integrations to manage more data, in more solutions, from more teams and applications in the future. 

Services and Functionality EDICOMiPaaS

Configure your application’s roles as data publishers or subscribers. Define your data mapping processes. Define rules and alerts to launch your integration processes. Access the EDICOMiPaaS connector repository and monitor your integration projects in real time.

You can also trust EDICOM to analyze, implement and manage your integration Project. We will take care of the programming and launch of your EDICOM iPaaS.  

EDICOMiPaaS Integrates any Application Irrespective of its Nature

We have connectivity with all applications, ERPs, market data bases and any in house development or legacy system which you may need to integrate with.

Management Systems Connected

Currently, we have more than 5000 distinct management systems integrated through our iPaaS solution. These integrations send and receive critical data from one application to another.

Data Integration Engineers

The team you will work with is specialized in data integration and is focused on completing and managing the rapid execution of any application integration project.

EDI Solutions for the Automotive Industry

The implementation of work systems such as Just In Time requires systems that allow for the rapid integration of all trading partners on the supply chain with different technological capabilities. B2B solutions such as electronic data interchange, e-Invoicing and VAT compliance worlwide or supplier portals, among others.

Characteristics of EDICOMiPaaS

Enjoy the versatility, scalability, and security of EDICOM’s cloud application integration platform.

Versatility ipaas


Convert any format from any proprietary application into the structure required by the application where the data will be sent. Implement integrations for market or in-house solutions with ease. Send and receive data from in-house or cloud-based systems.

Scalability ipaas


Allow your company to grow without worrying about having to manage more information. Avoid the trouble of point to point integrations by using a capable and open centralizing cloud platform that can always manage more distinct integrations.  Use your businesses’ resources more efficiently by only investing in the necessary integrations at any given time. 

Security ipaas


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a service provider that you can trust. Store and manage your critical information with a solution multiple certifications (ISO 270001 for information security, ISO 20000 for service management IT, TIER II for EDICOM’s platform infrastructure, etc.)

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