Data Integration Platform

EDICOMiPaaS combines services and Technology to integrate all your applications.

Hybrid Integration

Integrations of in house applications with cloud solutions. Consolidate data from legacy applications with your newest applications.

iPaaS Services

We analyze all your requirements, APIs, connectors, data transformation, rules, alerts, workflows… Delegate your project management to EDICOM

e-Commerce & Marketplaces

Do your sell your products on Amazon, Walmart, or any other online distributor? We integrate your management platforms with your e-Commerce applications and with the largest international marketplaces.


Integration Platform as a Service

Integrate any data or information system to consolidate or synchronize all of your applications performing any of your business management processes.


on premise integration

On Premise Applications

Integration of “on premise" applications in your IT infrastructure.

cloud to cloud integration

Cloud software

We integrate your cloud applications and simplify the consolidation and synchronization of all your data.

legacy system integration

Legacy Software

Integrate data managed and stored in yor legacy software with new software solutions.

ipaas solutions

Advanced iPaaS Solutions

Connectivity with marketplaces, omnichannel capabilities, etc. Bespoke integration solutions for every company.

ipaas availability

Availability Guaranteed

24x7x365 platform availability in service mode with a guaranteed availability 99.9% of the time.

ipaas support

International Support Center

Multi-language support through dedicated technician, available in different time zones to quickly solve questions and incidences.

ipaas scalability


The platform is adapted to the requirements of each project.

high performance ipaas

High Volume Capacity

Our solution is designed to handle the most complex high data transaction volume projects.

real time integration

Real Time Processes

All processes are executed in real time, facilitating instant monitoring of any process.

Applications Manager

EDICOMiPaaS contains an application management module that simplifies the integration of all your solutions through a comprehensive application registration, categorization and data transformation process. 

On Premise & Cloud APPs

On Premise & Cloud APPs

Whether they are Cloud or In-House solutions select them from the repository and they will immediately be available for any consolidation or integration project. 

Quick, Easy, Transparent

Quick, Easy, Transparent

Application configuration processes are performed through transparent, quick and routine functions for all users.

High Volume Processing

High Volume Processing

EDICOMiPaaS is configured to process high data volumes sent in high frequencies from frequently recurring processes.

1 | Publishing Applications

Publishing applications provide data that will be integrated with all of the solutions in your data integration ecosystem.

Configure application’s roles quickly in your integration project.

2 | Subscribing Applications

Indicate which applications will function as data recipients. Then, specify the data structures they will receive from the applications they are subscribed to.

3 | Data Transformation

Advanced mapping tools used to configure data transformation interfaces that facilitate the integration of all the applications involved in your project. 

APIs and Conectors

Connector repository with the most common applications.

B2B Gateways with the largest retailers.

Direct connections with the largest marketplaces.

Monitoring Tools

EDICOMiPaaS Orchestrates integrations through advanced monitoring tools that allow for easy access to relevant information about an integration’s status.


Graphic Dashboards

Graphic Dashboards

Process monitoring has been developed with graphic tools to easily interpret data.

Personalized Dashboards

Personalized Dashboards

KPI development adapted to the specifications of each project, department or functional area involved in your processes.

Alert Management

Alert Management

Configure alerts to speed up error and discrepancy management during data or process failures.

ipaas real time status

Process Control

Monitor the routine processes implicated in the integration of an application ecosystem

  • Real time process statuses.

  • Set up timing for routine processes and anticipate new processes.

  • Detailed information about interrupted processes because of communication or data transformation errors.

Integrated Data

Integrated data volume analysis 

  • Traffic analysis filtered through time intervals

  • Statistics of data volumes that have been processed by publishing and subscribing applications. 

  • Traffic indicators by application.

ipaas real time data
ipaas real time integration

Status Per Message

Permanently control the statuses of integrated messages. 

  • Details about subscribed and published messages.

  • Document filters by message type and time intervals.

  • Status control of filtered messages.

Tools for Developers

EDICOMiPaaS offers developers a programming enviroment to manage and orchestrate your application ecosystem through integrations.

The process Flow designer will help you configure the sequences of your integrations.

Define the administative rules for your processes. 

Program triggers for the transformation, publication, and subscription of data. 

A component suite made for the design of ad-hoc connectors adapted to the specifications of each application you will be integrating.

EDICOMiPaaS Services

We make available the largest team of engineers specialized in the implementation, g olive and maintenance of your integration platform

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Application Integration Design.

  • Development of connectors and API programming.

  • Application Parametrization and Configuration.

  • Interface design and data transformation.

  • Programming of flows, rules and alerts.

  • Environment design and testingDiseño del entorno de pruebas y realización de tests.

  • Go live, hyper care and maintenance.

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