Digital Onboarding

Maximize the use of your communications platform with our solutions to expedite the integration of new EDI business partners regardless of your technological capabilities.

Integrate 100% of Your Business Partners

Extend the capabilities of your communications solution with tools that enable the integration of all your business partners.  

EDI Supplier Web Portal

Web-based EDI solution integrated with your management system to automatically send purchase orders to suppliers and receive invoices in electronic format.

EDI Client Web Portal

The EDI client portal facilitates the integration of B2B clients without an EDI solution, as well as end clients or consumers in a B2C context.

Technological Solutions That Maximize the Performance of Your EDI B2B Communications Platform

EDICOM Digital Onboarding brings together key solutions to optimize your EDI platform.

Our Supplier and Client are essential to expedite the onboarding of all your business partners to your electronic data interchange platform. 

Maximize the benefits of EDI by extending your communications project to 100% of your business partners.


Optimize your EDI Solution. Monetize your communications.

Exchange EDI documents with all your business partners, whether clients or suppliers and communicate with them more efficiently, in record time.

Reduce costs, eliminate data capture errors, automate the integration of your business documents with 100% of your clients and suppliers, even if they are not technologically capable of exchanging EDI messages with you.

Supplier and Client EDI Portals

Automate communication with all your business partners by integrating your management systems with a communications platform that implements EDI portals tailored to your needs to reach clients and suppliers without an EDI Solution.

Streamline your processes by exchanging all your commercial documents directly from your ERP with 100% of your business partners.

Maximize the benefits of electronic data interchange and systems integration.




Implement one-way flows, from the initiator to your business partners, or two-way flows — exchange different types of documents, such as sending purchase orders to a supplier and receiving their invoices.



Automate processes thanks to the portal's integration with management systems. Documents are sent immediately, and it is possible to monitor the actions performed by business partners on the documents.



Streamline EDI transaction operations for all your business partners in the same management system your company uses on a day-to-day basis. Facilitate communication with all your business partners regardless of their technological capacity.

Supplier Portal

  • Generate purchase orders from your IT systems so that they are automatically published on the portal, and your suppliers receive immediate notification.

  • Integrate the invoices that your suppliers generate easily from the portal into your management system from the purchase orders.

Client Portal

  • Integrate the purchase orders that your clients send through the portal directly into your management system.

  • Provide your clients with the invoices of their orders in the portal by issuing them effortlessly from your management system.

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We Manage Your Onboarding Project

We make ourselves available to your business partners to connect them to your EDI Solution in record time.


We apply unique methodologies and collaborative tools to facilitate the connectivity of your business partners.

We deploy knowledgeable teams who are up to speed on the details of your communications project who will contact your supplier base to help them connect to your platform in the shortest possible time.


Surveillance, monitoring and management of your SaaS EDI platform

Fully outsource the management of your EDI platform to an international provider with over 25 years of experience

Outsourcing the technological resources associated with your EDI B2B communications platform to a global provider such as EDICOM.

Delegate the management procedures required for its maintenance guarantees constant updating and optimal operation of commercial, logistical, and tax communications with your public or private partners.

Certified EDI Service

Certified EDI Service

We guarantee the highest quality provision of our SaaS services through international certifications that guarantee the quality and protocols by which we provide our services.

ISO 27001 | ISO 20000 | ISAE 3402

EDI Cloud Computing Platform

EDI Cloud Computing Platform

EDICOM provides you with a technological infrastructure with maximum security, permanently monitored (24x7), and staffed by dedicated professionals who ensure that your solution is always available.

International Support Center

International Support Center

An EDICOM technician acts as an operator for your EDI SaaS Platform, managing all your administrative parameters as an advanced user of your EDI communications system.

Coverage of EDICOM's EDI SaaS EDI Service

Our services for the delegated management of your EDI platform includes a specialized EDICOM technician that acts as your dedicated support-line. This technician tends to all alarms, promptly notifying the customer of incidents and measures taken to keep your solution always up to date and operational.


  • System administration and monitoring

  • Control of data availability level

  • Incident resolution

  • e-Invoicing (certificate management, platform parameterization, business partner testing)

  • Connectivity management with VAN (Value Added Networks) 

  • Accurate information exchange with internal and external business partners

  • Global installation maintenance

  • Updating of the business partner list on your platform

  • Incorporation of e-Invoicing clients (certificate uploading, agenda configuration, communication and format tests, etc.)

  • Platform adaptation

  • Review of interfaces and specification of changes to be made to promote improvements. (This does not include the development of modifications and new interfaces).

  • Performing message exchange tests up to implementing new EDI message exchanges (new business partners, new messages).

  • Monitoring connection validity with your EDI partners

  • Analysis of documents with excessive delays in the transfer process

  • Analysis of possible incidents due to excessive delays in the document reception process

  • Confirmation of the correct destination receipt of all sent documents

  • Confirmation of the correct processing of all received documents to ensure their integration into the client's ERP

  • EDICOM subjects its EDI software and services to rigorous security audits on an ongoing basis.

  • The audit methodology is based on the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) international standard.

  • To locate security weaknesses, vulnerability analysis and internal and external intrusion tests are carried out on EDICOM's infrastructure, services, and web applications.

  • These activities are carried out by a team of independent auditors.

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