Electronic Identification Services

EDICOM issues electronic certificates for application in EDI solutions or use by companies and third parties in other processes.

Trust Services Provider

Integrity, Authenticity, and Security in Electronic Communications

EDICOM is accredited by the European Commission, the Secretary of State of Mexico, and the National Certification Agency of Colombia to issue electronic certificates for use in digital signature processes.

Our electronic certificates have direct application in EDI solutions, e-Invoicing, and compliance in internal and external processes to our platform maintained by third parties.




The electronic certificate is used to sign all digital documents, from simple emails to the most complex commercial contracts. This implies the guarantee of non-repudiation, unequivocal knowledge of the document issuer, and the integrity of the same.

Communication Security

Communication Security

The electronic certificate serves to encrypt communication between two people, making all transmitted information confidential. This guarantees that any document sent from one person to another is closed and can only be opened by its intended recipient.

Digital Certificate

Digital Certificate

In some countries, the legislation allows an original paper document to be replaced by its digital equivalent while retaining the same legal guarantees as long as certain procedures are followed, generally linked to e-Signature.

Personal Identification

Personal Identification

Allows identity to be known when entering a physical or digital space, allowing or denying access and leaving a record of this.

Obtain Security and Generate Evidence in All Your Electronic Transactions

Advanced electronic cryptography systems provide additional guarantees to the documents processed by our solutions, allowing the integration of security mechanisms and evidence that, in the context of any litigation, can be used as evidence before the authorities at the request of third parties.

Electronic Certificate Issuance Service

The EDICOM Certification Authority provides companies, communities, and individuals with secure telematic identification mechanisms enabling them to carry out activities where e-Signatures replace handwritten signatures with identical legal guarantees. To this end, ACEDICOM issues certificates that comply with the provisions of Regulation (EU) n ° 910/2014 of the European Parliament and Council dated July 23, 2014, on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market, so it is authorized to operate in all EU countries as an eIDAS Trust Service Provider

EDICOM issues recognized certificates upon reliable identification of their holder for use from secure devices or software support and non-recognized certificates whose issuance does not require the physical presence of the holder before the Registration Authority.

Qualified e-Signature Certificate on a Centralized, Secure Device

Qualified e-Signature Certificate on a Centralized, Secure Device

They are generated in the same device used to sign electronic documents, so they are not physically delivered in any support.

Qualified Electronic Certificates on a Secure Device "Smart Card" or USB Token

Qualified Electronic Certificates on a Secure Device "Smart Card" or USB Token

They are delivered on a cryptographic card with a SIM card reader with USB, which keeps the sensitive cryptographic material without being able to extract the key in any way.

Qualified e-Signature Certificates on Software Support

Qualified e-Signature Certificates on Software Support

They are delivered in electronic files that can be downloaded to hard disks or USB sticks, not requiring external devices for signature generation.

Client and Server TLS (Transport Layer Security) Electronic Certificates

Client and Server TLS (Transport Layer Security) Electronic Certificates

These are "non-recognized" certificates, so the presence of the certificate holder is not required for their issuance.

Client Certificates: They are issued to individuals for authentication in operating systems and email security.

Server Certificates: They are issued for domain names, for server authentication in SSL services, or security in IPSEC tunnels.

We Guarantee the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Authenticity of the Documents Processed in Our Solutions

Our electronic certification services are natively integrated with the suite of EDI, e-Invoice, or VAT Compliance solutions that we provide to our clients. In this way, any electronic exchange of electronic documents is carried out by applying cryptographic mechanisms such as e-Signatures that guarantee the identity of the origin or the integrity of the data.


Electronic Archiving Service

EDICOMLta guarantees legal custody of electronic documents stored on the EDICOM platform, guaranteeing their integrity and authenticity over time.

  • EDICOM acts as a trusted third party, granting evidentiary value to the documents in custody.
  • Service in compliance with European Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services.
  • Custody in compliance with international standards such as "Conservazione Sostitutiva" (Italy) or "NOM 151" (Mexico).

Approval of Documents with e-Signatures

EDICOMSignADoc is the solution for managing all your document approval flows, whether they are internal or need to be approved by external parties such as clients or suppliers. The solution enables EDICOM Qualified Trust Service Provider certificate issuance and e-Signature services, providing greater legal guarantees to the evidence of document acceptance or rejection if e-Signature processes generate these.

e-Signature in Tax and Administrative Procedures

The EDICOM Global e-Invoicing platform simplifies e-Invoice issuance and acceptance processes in multinational environments. It is the solution for companies operating in different markets using centralized management systems that must handle these documents in compliance with the laws in force in each country.

By applying cryptographic mechanisms such as e-Signatures, we guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the document throughout its digital lifecycle. This is a fundamental point required by most states where e-Invoicing is allowed.

e-Signature and Time Stamping in Communications with Tax Authorities

EDICOM's VAT Compliance platform simplifies communications with tax authorities in multinational environments. It is the solution for companies that operate in different markets and must manage tax documents in compliance with the laws in force in each country.

The application of the e-Signature and the electronic time stamp is necessary in these processes as it identifies the legal entity sending the tax information and certifies that the sending took place at a specific time — a fundamental aspect in these systems where the sending of information is subject to deadlines.

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