EDICOMNet eIDAS: Electronic Delivery Service

A private network for the secure exchange of electronic documents with evidence of delivery and receipt in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.

Trust Services Provider

Do You Need Legal Evidence of Your Electronic Documents?

EDICOMNet eIDAS is the electronic delivery service certified according to the specifications of Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and Council.  

This service has official eIDAS approval. It consists of a highly secure private network over which EDICOM's Trust Services Provider acts as a trusted third party, generating the evidence required to accredit that a document was issued from a source connected to the network and sent to a destination likewise connected to the EDICOMNet eIDAS network (or other interconnected networks).

Requirements to be Met by a Qualified Electronic Certificate Delivery Service

Article 44 of the eIDAS Regulation lays out the requirements for a qualified electronic certificate delivery service. 

  • Must be delivered by one or more Qualified Trust Service Providers

  • Must guarantee the recipient's identity before delivery

  • Must clearly indicate to the sender and recipient of the data any changes to the data needed to send or receive the message

  • Must ensure a high level of reliability of the sender's identity.

  • Must protect the sending and receiving of data by means of an advanced electronic signature or advanced electronic seal from a Qualified Trust Service Provider

  • Must indicate the date and time of sending, receipt and any changes to the data by means of a qualified electronic time stamp.

Sectors Where the Qualified Electronic Certificate Delivery Service is Used



Communications between hospitals, clinics and medical offices with their suppliers can require the high levels of trust and reliability offered by a service such as EDICOMNet eIDAS.

Government Agencies

Government Agencies

EDICOMNet eIDAS is an ideal channel for tax, regulatory or informative notices when you need reliable evidence that the communication has been sent and received.

B2B Communications

B2B Communications

EDICOMNet eIDAS offers a parallel channel for exchanging sensitive documents and messages between customers, suppliers and creditors, such as confidentiality agreements or service commitments..

Qualified Electronic Certificate Delivery Service

EDICOMNet eIDAS is EDICOM's Qualified Electronic Certificate Delivery service with eIDAS approval for the exchange electronic documents in accordance with the specifications of Article 44 of Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council. 

How does EDICOMNet eIDAS work?



Sending documents through the EDICOMNet eIDAS network requires authentication to verify the identity of the partners connected to the network. 

Certificate Delivery

Certificate Delivery

The EDICOM Trusted Service Provider issues an electronic certificate unequivocally associated to the company or person authenticated in the accreditation process.



Messages are encrypted and travel securely to their destination. Integrity and authenticity are guaranteed throughout the entire process.



The message is received by the recipient and can only be opened by the recipient.

Record of Evidence

Record of Evidence

EDICOM generates evidence throughout the process in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation requirements for the certified electronic delivery service.

Time Stamp

Time Stamp

This evidence involves the use of electronic time stamps to record the time when a message is sent and received.


Traceability of Communications

EDICOM generates evidence of all events occurring in EDICOMNet eIDAS, offering complete traceability of all processes carried out by users in the Certified Electronic Certificate Delivery Service.

The evidence has probative value and can be used at the request of third parties to certify that a document or message was sent or received through EDICOM's eIDAS Electronic Delivery Service.


EDICOMNet eIDAS is a private, high security network subject to the specifications defined in Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 for Qualified Electronic Certificate Delivery Services.

It is a highly secure, closed network that can only be accessed by other eIDAS. The interconnection agreements signed by EDICOMNet eIDAS regulate the completion of delivery and receipt notifications between the parties which serve as evidence. 

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