Additional Value Added Services for your B2B Platform

EDICOM's suite of B2B & B2G solutions is rounded out with support, monitoring and incident resolution services with contractually guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLAs).

Integration Workflow Maintenance

Optimize your communication platform by adapting all of your electronic transactions to the standards required by your commercial partners.

Preferential Customer Service

Our International Support Center is responsible for handling the incidents that users may experience, regardless of how complex or unusual they may be. 

24/7 Customer Service

Maximize your customer service experience with a dedicated team of specialists that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

EDICOM's Formula for Success: Technology + Monitoring + Support

EDICOM has a powerful technological platform for B2B & B2G data communications that operates in SaaS mode, with uninterrupted operation that is guaranteed in our SLAs. Our commitment to constant monitoring includes the coverage and assistance which all of our clients are entitled to receive from the moment they choose any of our solutions (EDI, Electronic Invoicing, VAT Compliance, Trust Services, etc).

EDICOM is by definition a Technology Services Provider. As such, our philosophy is  based on accompanying, monitoring and quickly and efficiently responding to any incident or need for platform optimization our customers may experience.  

Technological infrastructure

Technological Infrastructure

The technological architecture of our platform is governed by the principles of availability, scalability and load balancing, adding hardware resources as they become necessary. 

24x7 Technological Surveillance

24x7 Technological Surveillance

EDICOM's B2B Cloud Platform is built around a set of services managed by qualified professionals to ensure that the system operates uninterruptedly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

International Support Center

International Support Center

With this service we provide personalized service to thousands of users all over the world in seven different languages during our customers' normal business hours in their respective countries.  

Outsourcing Service for Data Structure Maintenance

EDICOM's engineers, who are highly specialized in the development of data transformation systems, can adapt your electronic transactions to any standard required by your commercial partners and integrate them with your Internal Management System or ERP.

Their knowledge and specialization, combined with the fact that they work in close coordination with all other areas of the company means that they are able to develop and manage any type of data structure transformation, ranging from the simplest to the most complex documents in any standard or even "proprietary" formats, with advanced electronic signature and data encryption systems.

Workflow integration maintenance services offered by EDICOM.

100% Service: Before, During and After the Project

All of our technological solutions come with access to our International Support Center. Support throughout the project is guaranteed, from definition to implementation and specialized technical support afterwards. 

Project Management

Project Management

A personalized team for your project.

A team of specialized consultants will configure and customize your project. 

  • Analysis of project requirements

  • Adaptation and configuration of your solution

  • Integration with your management systems

  • Training and go live

International Support Center

International Support Center

Immediate response.

One your project is underway, you'll have access to our international support service to answer your questions and respond to incidents. 

  • Multi-language support

  • Configuration of environments adapted to your organizational structure

  • Response to questions and incidents

  • Support available in multiple time zones

Preferential Customer Service

The preferential service offered by our International Support Center consists of professionals with proven experience in the management, maintenance and support of complex installations in various sectors.

Each client is assigned a team of specialized professionals who are tasked with continuous follow-up of the account. This allows us to determine each client's needs, which translates into a quick response to any contingency, no matter how complex. 


24x7 Support

Our team of experts is responsible for continuously monitoring and surveilling the resources allocated to clients on the EDICOM B2B communication platform. 

At the same time, the 24x7 International Support Center works with clients who require a 24x7 help desk. In this case, the service includes a team of qualified technicians who are in charge of monitoring the critical and specific processes of your solution. Permanent lines of communication are available to the client to report incidents at any time of the day.


SLA | Service Level Agreement

With our Service Level Agreements, we assume a contractual commitment regarding the services to be rendered by EDICOM, guaranteeing the availability of the technological solutions and the quality of incident resolution. 

Platform Availability

High Availability of the EDI Platform

The EDICOM platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for access to the service by those clients who require such availability. 

Incident Resolution Times

Maximum Incident Resolution Times

Our professionals resolve incidents in accordance with the service level agreements for incident resolution.

Software Update

Software Version Updates

At EDICOM we update our products and develop new versions to enhance the services we provide our clients. 

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