Customized Product Data Synchronization

EDICOMData is a scalable solution that lends itself to customized product data synchronization projects

Your Own Private Data Synchronization Platform

EDICOMData allow you to develop customized product information synchronization projects adapted to the specific needs of publishers and subscribers.

A private project with EDICOMData allows you to integrate critical information for the commercial relationship between suppliers and distributors that may not be included in GDSN forms, adapting the data structures to your particular product database synchronization needs.


GDSN Automation


EDICOMData automates the publication, processing and integration of product data with your ERP.

GDSN Customization


Facilitates the development of data synchronization projects tailored to the business needs of trading partners.

GDSN Efficiency


Synchronizing essential information allows you to optimize the processes of managing and updating product data.

How Does the EDICOMData Sync Service Work?



The supplier serves the minimum data considered critical by the distributor.



Automatic validation of the data to verify that it confirms to the project requirements.



Synchronization of product data by integrating the EDICOMData processes and those of the internal information system.


E-commerce Access

It is possible to implement automatic synchronization with the distributor's e-commerce so that product attributes are automatically updated.

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Project Management with EDICOMData Private Sync

We accompany the client throughout the process of implementing a private data synchronization project using a procedure based on SCRUM methodology:


  • Needs assessment: We analyze your specific data synchronization needs

  • Integrations: We implement the integration interfaces between your management systems and EDICOMData..

  • Supplier identification: We identify the suppliers who should participate in the project.

  • Supplier onboarding: We contact your suppliers to explain the project and start the integration tests.

  • Supplier transition to production: We conduct integration testing with your suppliers, transition those who pass to production mode.

  • Project go live.

European Regulation 1169: Product Data Synchronization

Since the enactment of Regulation 1169 in December 2014, businesses are required to provide consumers with the nutritional information on their products before they buy them. This means that online food retailers must make provisions to guarantee access to this data. EDICOMData, the EDICOM Data Pool, has features specifically designed to meet the requirements of European regulation 1169.

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