Product Data Integration

Automatic synchronization of product data sheets between customers and suppliers.

EDICOMData a GDSN Catalog Integrated with Your Management System

The EDICOMData Data Pool integration module automates the publication of product data on the GDSN network. It simplifies the information updating routines for suppliers and manufacturers. These integration capabilities translate into significant management advantages for distributors. As subscribers to the published information, distributors can automate the synchronization of their product databases each time their suppliers update an attribute.

Agile and Efficient Integration of Product Data in the Health Care and Retail Sector

Ensure that all members of the supply chain are able to communicate product data effectively. 

Synchronize information in the healthcare sector with manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, government agencies, associations, and others. Harmonize product data in the retail sector between large distribution chains, suppliers, wholesalers, logistics partners or any other member of the supply chain.

Advantages for the Publisher

As publishers of product information, suppliers manage product information internally. This ensures that all updates are immediately published in their catalog and distributed to their community of subscribers.

GDSN synchronization


Updating of product data in real time.

Precise product information


Accurate information shared on the GDSN network.

GDSN catalog


Dispersion of product information updates to any client connected to the GDSN network.

GDSN availability


Facilitates the availability of accurate information at the point of sale.

Publication of Products Using EDICOMData - GDSN Data Pool


Data Extraction

EDICOM defines an interface with the supplier to extract data from its management systems.



The products published in EDICOMData with their attributes appear in the defined data interface and in the agreed format (txt, csv, idoc, etc.).



The EDICOM platform translates this data into the standard defined by the GDSN network and publishes it in the EDICOMData Data Pool..



EDICOMData communicates with the GS1 International Global Registry, indexing the new product if it is new to the catalog, or notifying the update if it is a modification of an existing product attribute.

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Advantages for Subscribers

The subscribers' integration systems allow them to continuously update their product masters every time a publisher modifies any of the attributes of its references.

Updating of product data


Automatic updating of the GDSN network's product master.

Accurate product data


Availability of accurate information for each product.

Logistics optimization

Logistics Optimization

Improve logistics and inventory planning with accurate data on product attributes.

GDSN commercial actions

Commercial Actions

Facilitates more effective promotions at the point of sale. 

Subscription Through EDICOMData – Data Pool GDSN




Subscription Request

The Distributor indicates which products it wishes to subscribe to. The subscription request is sent to the GS1 International Global Registry, which identifies the Data Pool where the information for each product is located and sends it to the owners-publisher of each product.



The publisher accepts the subscription request, at which point the synchronization process of the authorized products begins.



Each time a product is updated the subscriber receives the updated information.



With the appropriate integration processes, this data can be integrated into the distributor's management system or PIM (Product Item Manager).

European Regulation 1169: Product Data Synchronization

Since the enactment of Regulation 1169 in December 2014, businesses are required to provide consumers with the nutritional information on their products before they buy them. This means that online food retailers must make provisions to guarantee access to this data. EDICOMData, the EDICOM Data Pool, has features specifically designed to meet the requirements of European regulation 1169.

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