Logistics and Supply Chain Management on a Single Platform

Automation and integration of the entire logistics and transport supply chain for synchronization between suppliers and logistics operators.

Efficiency and Immediacy from EDICOM's Logistics Platform

Global communications require synchronized and instantaneous information exchanges between trading partners. On the supply chain, seamless communications between everyone involved is critical to get the product to the end customer in a timely manner. Operators and carriers must be able to exchange information efficiently with suppliers, distributors, customs and the end customers of the goods, etc.  

EDI technology is especially critical for overseas exports for logistics operators who have to deal with shipping ports, customs, etc.

Keys to EDICOM's Supply Chain Platform

The standardization of processes and control measures offered by EDICOM's B2B platform ensure secure communication flows in the logistics and shipping industry.

Global e-Invoicing Compliance

Global e-Invoicing Compliance

Meets the requirements of the different countries where you operate, integrating your management systems to send and receive electronic invoices and documents related to electronic tax returns (SAF-T, MTD, etc.).

Product Traceability

Product Traceability

With electronic data interchange solutions, all communications are monitored so the person responsible for the goods knows where they are at all times. 

Multistandard & Multiprotocol

Multistandard & Multiprotocol

EDICOM’s platform handles messages in multiple standards (EDIFACT, X12, XML) and works with the communication channels required by the different supply chain protocols (PEPPOL, AS4, OFTP2).

B2B Data Integration Platform

Integrate your EDI platform with your ERP (ORACLE, SAP, DYNAMICS, SAGE) to manage the exchange of supply chain documents in the health care sector with any public or private partner. The integrated solutions operate in SaaS mode using private cloud technology developed and managed by EDICOM. 


A Global EDI Solution to Connect with Partners Anywhere in the World

EDICOM offers a global EDI platform with multistandard and multiprotocol functionality that guarantees connectivity with your partners worldwide. 

With EDICOM, you can delegate the complete management of your EDI B2B & B2G platform to our team of technical specialists.

Key EDI Messages to Manage your Omnichannel Strategy

This message is issued by the client to the manufacturer. It is used to place product orders. 

This message is sent by the manufacturer to place a new order with the logistics operator, who then has time to prepare it in advance. 

This is the most common message in the logistics sector. On the one hand, it is used by logistics operators to inform the clients that their orders have been shipped. On the other hand, this type of message may be sent by the manufacturer to the logistics operator stating that the goods are ready in the warehouse.

Logistics operators send this type of message to report to the manufacturer on the status of the order. This makes it possible to have a real-time status report on the process and estimate how long the products will take to make it through the supply chain to the end customer. In other words, traceability is guaranteed.

This is the name of the electronic message used by manufacturers to send invoices to their customers. By including this message in B2B communications, it is possible to significantly reduce collection times.

This message allows manufacturers to inform operators of their catalogs in real time: items, characteristics, logistical information... all relevant data, always up-to-date and aligned with the product master data.

The purpose of the Inventory Report is to provide the manufacturer with information on the quantity of product in stock available in the warehouse.

Together with the DESADV message, this is one of the most widely used in this field. It is used by a logistics operator to confirm to a manufacturer that the order has been received. This prevents rejection of invoices at a later date.

Integrated Technological Solutions for the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

B2B2G Compliance worldwide

B2B2G Compliance Worldwide

Standardize and optimize Order-2-Cash and Purchase-to-Pay processes with all your partners. The EDICOM platform guarantees that electronic orders and invoices are sent and received according to the required specifications. The solution connects with your ERP to automate and simplify the real-time exchange of information and help you manage your payments efficiently. It also automates tax reporting in countries where you must comply with such legal requirements.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

The EDICOM supplier portal is a web solution that integrates with your management system to automatically send purchase orders to suppliers and receive invoices in electronic format. You can centralize communications with your suppliers through a single secure Web Portal. Publish your orders and generate invoices to your suppliers from purchase orders. You can also integrate invoices into your management system automatically.

iPaaS: Application Integration

iPaaS: Application Integration

Integrate and connect with different elements as needed: data, systems, databases, software, processes, departments, people, etc. Optimize critical business processes in your company and reduce costs. Manage the information for your online store or eCommerce solution effortlessly. Provide your customers with an integrated and pleasant experience using omnichannel strategies.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory

Automate inventory management and optimize results by leveraging the information shared between customers, suppliers and logistics operators. EDICOMCRP runs advanced demand forecasting algorithms based on sales, inventory, promotions or seasonality, information that is continuously shared by the parties involved in the supply chain using electronic data interchange technologies.

Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Onboarding

The B2B Onboarding service provides technical and human resources for the inclusion of new partners on your EDI platform, with the aim of integrating all of your partners in the shortest possible time. Integrate 100% of your communications with customers and suppliers through our Digital Onboarding service and leverage the benefits of your EDI B2B communications platform by implementing different web portals adapted to your needs.


EDI Certification and Test Portal

The EDI certification portal is the tool developed by EDICOM to facilitate the incorporation of new EDI flows between partners, providing an autonomous space where users can verify the quality of the processes implemented in their projects. The portal lets you define different scenarios depending on the type of supplier and EDI messages to be added. It assigns partners to those scenarios, where they must run the specified tests.


Provider to the World's Leading Logistics Operators

Automate Communications with your Trading Partners and Clients

An efficient logistics process is essential to get your goods to distribution points on demand in order to offer the highest quality service to the end consumer. With electronic data interchange, you can send and receive all kinds of commercial documents securely, quickly and seamlessly by fully integrating with the internal management systems of customers, suppliers and other partners.

Optimize Communications with Your Partners and Automate Your Business Processes

EDICOM has developed a series of technological solutions for the logistics sector, such as the EDICOMNet B2B Communications Infrastructure, the Vendor Managed Inventory tool or the EDICOMData electronic catalog. These solutions have enabled key international players in the logistics sector to simplify and improve their daily operations. 

What do you want to do?

  • Integrate a permanent information flow between suppliers, logistics operators and customers.

  • Unify electronic communications in a single, centralized tool.

  • Reduce the structural and operating costs of maintaining an IT infrastructure. 

  • Send and receive documents electronically through a single, secure connection point. 

This is How We Can Help

  • Guaranteed traceability of sent and received documents by all involved in the movement of goods.

  • B2B solutions capable of processing multistandard structures to operate with any type of message (EDIFACT, X12, VDA, UBL).

  • Outsourcing of the hardware and software resources needed for seamless B2B communications.

  • Communication with any partner regardless of the protocol used (Web Services, FTP, OFTP2, AS2, https, etc.).

The Advantages of EDICOM's Solutions for the Logistics Sector



EDI solutions allow you to automate internal manual processes like generating, sending and recording electronic transactions, interacting with your ERP so that orders, shipping notices, electronic invoices, etc., are processed without human intervention.



With EDI message and data interchange it is possible to monitor and trace shipments so that the parties involved have up-to-date information at all times and can validate it.

Message Standardization

Message Standardization

Electronic data interchange via an EDI solution uses a standardized language that is shared by the sender and recipient, which structures the messages. Thanks to the use of a common language, the different information systems interact with each other, overcoming language and technical barriers



Provides information in real time which can prevent delays in dispatching and receiving processes, shipments to warehouses, etc.  



Replenishment is essential for perishable products, a type of inventory with shorter shelf lives that must be closely controlled.

Better Ratios

Better Ratios

Reducing inventories, increasing sales, optimizing operations and forecasting demand over time all adds up to increased revenue and more accurate cash flow forecasts.

More Information on Digital Transformation

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Peppol is an interoperable system for exchanging electronic documents extended worldwide

EDICOM Recognized by EcoVadis as a Sustainable Company

EcoVadis, the largest authority in sustainability audits, certifies EDICOM with one of the highest ratings in its sector.

Automate all your business processes with partners without EDI solutions

How to automate processes with clients and suppliers that do not have EDI

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