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Belgium Will Make The B2B Electronic Invoice Mandatory

Belgium B2B electronic invoice

Belgium will implement the electronic invoice for B2B transactions. Its goal is to fight tax fraud which resulted in a 10.8% reduction in tax collection,  approximately 3.6 billion euros. 

The federal government is considering inestments for the implementation of the electronic invoice system in its 2022 budget law. 

The measure is part of a set of initiatives for the development and digitalization of Belgium, according to the next generation directives and the Belgian recovery and resilience plan. 

The digital plan looks to embrace digital transformation with a particular interest in the dematerialization of transactions and relations between the government, citizens and companies. 

The electronic invoice for B2B transactions results in major improvements in VAT collection by the government and provides major upgrades for companies in terms of cost reduction, efficiency and security. The electronic invoice is also a gateway for business digitalization making them more competitive.

The B2G electronic invoice in Belgium continues to advance. The centralized public entities of the Belgian regions must issue electronic invoices and all the public entities must be able to receive electronic invoices.
Electronic invoices in Belgium are sent to the public administrations following the PEPPOL interoperability model. The reception of invoices is conducted through the Mercurius platform which gives access to government entities or directly to the PEPPOL AP of the public entity. 

Electronic invoicing solutions are scalable, and for those companies that have begun the process of digitization of B2G invoices, issuing B2B electronic invoices will not be a major leap. 

EDICOM has an international e-invoicing and e-reporting solution that opens the door to over 70 public administrations: EDICOM’s Global e-Invoicing Platform.

Among the many capabilities of EDICOM’s Electronic invoicing platform, the connection with the PEPPOL network stands out. This is thanks to its certification as a PEPPOL Access Point which makes it the ideal solution for invoicing in the Belgian market.


EDICOM coordinates GOVEIN2019 project (Action No: 2019-EU-IA-0046)


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