Data & Analytics Solution — Connect, Visualize, Share

EDICOM Analytics transforms your information into powerful visualization tools to maximize your decision-making strategy.

Multiple Data Sources

No matter where the information comes from, we can collect and transform data from any device.

Customized Projects

We help you implement your projects from objective design to data analysis and representation.

Real-Time Visualization

Configure and customize the visualization of information according to your needs and in real-time.

Dashboard Analytics — Visualize All Your Data in a Single Dashboard

At EDICOM, we are experts in data integration and processing of any kind. That is why we have created a powerful data analysis and management tool that will allow you to visualize your information in a clear, actionable, and universal way.

With EDICOM Analytics, you will be able to maximize your strategy thanks to a better experience in understanding and monitoring data relevant to your company. 

Integrated Analytics Platform

Integrated Analytics Platform

We manage end-to-end projects from data collection, through data processing and analysis, to visual representation.

Specialized Technical Profiles

Specialized Technical Profiles

We provide you with professionals specialized in data engineering, Big Data, analysts and data scientists, machine learning, and consultants.

analytics Dashboard Creation

Dashboard Creation

We adapt and customize the visualization of information to your requirements and KPIs to facilitate data representation.

Customized Interface

We offer different interface design possibilities to adapt the Analytics platform to your company and corporate identity.

Real-Time Updates

Data is updated and displayed with the chosen frequency, offering relevant and actionable information and implementing alert creation as needed.

Practical and Visual

We work to make data understandable for everyone through universal and result-oriented graphics.

Experts in Data Science: We Unify Information, Technology, and Accessibility

Throughout the entire process, we enhance knowledge to optimize and improve data interpretation and help make it understandable to everyone through our Business Intelligence Platform. 


Project Definition and Analysis

Our dedicated team will design with you the project's strategy and definition to meet your business objectives: KPIs to be achieved, format of the results, characteristics of the information sources.


Data Collection

Data sources and data collection are defined in an integrated manner from their internal systems, including access, acquisition, and transfer to the necessary processing and storage systems.


Data Processing and Archiving

The collected data are processed, structured, and transformed to proceed to their purification and quality verification. Subsequently, we proceed to archiving with a total guarantee of integrity, authenticity, and confidentiality.



We build the dashboard to present and synthesize the information in the most appropriate, efficient, and understandable way for the final recipients. Knowledge management is analyzed to verify if the initial objectives are met.

A World of Possibilities

EDICOM Analytics can capture, process, and synthesize any type of data to facilitate understanding and maximize your business's decision-making.

Whatever the data sources and information platforms (mobile devices, ERP, CRM, wearables, supply chain, Internet of Things, etc.), we extract, design, and implement workflows to generate descriptive and predictive models that help you meet the defined objectives using the available data.

All this with the fundamental objective of optimizing your information analysis processes, results visualization and needs identification in your company.

All the Power of Data at Your Fingertips

Access dashboards quickly and centrally from your desktop and tablet devices and configure your videowalls to share information with teams and clients.

  • Sales Cycles

  • Manufacturing Processes

  • Health Statistics

  • Marketing KPIs

  • IT Analytics

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Retail Monitoring

  • Etc.

Get the Most Out of Data Management Thanks to Your Dashboards

Improve your performance analysis experience by visualizing all your data in a single platform where information becomes actionable.


Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Operations Monitoring

Having an up-to-date data integration system allows you to measure your performance in real-time.


Easily Understood and Interpreted

Centralize and share information, providing a useful and visual view for all dashboard users.


Increased Productivity

Access to information from anywhere, at any time, enables better interaction with information and helps increase productivity.

Updates on Business Intelligence

Data Analytics: Types of dashboards and examples of KPIs

A dashboard as it allows you to connect, visualize and share information to maximize your decision-making strategy.

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Automate all your business processes with partners without EDI solutions

How to automate processes with clients and suppliers that do not have EDI

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