Global B2B Data Integration Platform

Automate your commercial, logistics and tax operations on a single EDI communications platform integrated with all of your information systems.

Cloud Data Integration

Secure, simple and directly integrated with your ERP. That's how EDICOM's B2B data transmission solutions work.

Global Connectivity

Connectivity with the largest international companies through the EDICOMNet private network. Internet communications gateway (AS2, AS4, OFTP, etc.). Interoperability with the leading global networks.

Reach All Your Partners

Our solutions are designed to connect with all of your trading partners, even those without their own EDI technology solution.

Integrate Your Communications with Customers, Suppliers and Operators on an International EDI / B2B Platform

Automate the electronic data interchange EDI of key transactions with your trading partner community. Whether your partners are local or transnational, you can integrate all your information systems into a single, centralized B2B platform.


EDI B2B System

Integrate your EDI platform with your ERP to manage the exchange of commercial, logistical or financial documents with any public or private partner using your own internal management system.


B2B Network

EDICOMNet simplifies the secure and immediate electronic exchange of data with all your partners thanks to the most highly advanced international EDI B2B communications infrastructure in the sector.



A solution for automating the process of sending invoices, purchase orders and other transactions to partners without their own EDI/B2B data integration solutions by connecting with your ERP, CRM or other internal management system

Global EDI Platform: Optimization and Digitization of Business Processes

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been designed differently in each region of the world. Europe, the United States and Latin America have incorporated this technology into their business fabrics for very different purposes and are at different stages of maturity.

Speak to our business consultants to learn about the particularities of EDI implementation in different industries and regions of the world.

Learn how to fully optimize your business processes with a centralized global EDI platform that operates in the cloud and satisfies the needs and requirements of a global, digital economy.

EDI Integrations

Integrated EDI

Integrate your EDI platform with your ERP to manage the exchange of business documents with your partners from your internal management system.

global EDI

EDI International

EDICOM offers a global, multistandard and multiprotocol  EDI platform to ensure connectivity with your partners anywhere in the world.

EDI outsourcing

EDI Managed Services

A dedicated EDICOM professional acts as the EDI operator for your platform, freeing you from the tasks and routines related to the management of your communications solution.

We make EDI Compliance easy

Seamlessly integrate and connect with any HUB or retailer globally

EDI Amazon
EDI Delhaize
EDI Costco
EDI Carrefour

Need to Implement Data Integration in Multiple Countries?

All of EDICOM’s services are offered from a global platform that integrates the technology needed to implement advanced EDI B2B communications projects.

The platform developed by EDICOM also offers compliance solutions applicable to e-Invoicing or VAT reporting in accordance with the laws in force in different countries.

EDICOMNet Private Network

One of the largest international EDI / B2B communication infrastructures

EDICOMNet is one of the leading communication networks for the fluid and immediate exchange of all types of commercial transactions in a private and secure environment.

It works as a centralized, synchronous communication infrastructure that is available 24 hours a day and permanently monitored. An infrastructure that guarantees the delivery of your messages securely, generating traceability records and allowing senders to track the status of their transactions.

Business@Mail, the Solution for Sending All of Your Documents Electronically

Business@Mail is the solution developed by EDICOM to send EDI messages to your customers who are note EDI-ready.

It is a tool specifically designed to automate the sending of all kinds of document, especially invoices, in compliance with the legal and security requirements defined for each market.

B2B Communications

Electronic transactions are accessible to all your partners, including those without an EDI technology solution. This allows you to leverage your communications platform and improve the efficiency of your back-office processes.

Immedicacy and Security 

Documents generated from your ERP are published instantly to Business@Mail, ensuring synchronous delivery.

Total Control 

Business@Mail offers multiple options to track your communications through different types of ACK or delivery receipts.

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