Supply Chain Optimization for the Healthcare Industry

EDICOM has developed a B2B2G compliant platform to connect with all your partners and strengthen your digital transformation.

Discover EDICOM Healthcare Compliance Platform

Immediacy and information security are two key factors for efficient and optimal healthcare supply chain management. With EDICOM's electronic solutions, it is possible to meet these major challenges: more security, more speed and ease of communication between partners.

EDICOM has an integrated, automatic solution with a strong presence in the healthcare industry, especially in countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands. Our extensive experience in data processing in the healthcare industry means that we can adapt to any project, public or private, complying with the requirements and legislation of more than 70 countries around the world.

Global Compliance

Global Compliance

Our system complies with the requirements of the different countries where you do business. We integrate your management systems to send and receive electronic invoices and documents related to electronic tax declaration (SAF-T, MTD...). 

PEPPOL Access Point

PEPPOL Access Point

EDICOM PEPPOL Access Point allows public administrations to interact with their partners and suppliers through integrated solutions that automate information exchange for all types of electronic documents. 

B2B2G Connectivity

B2B2G Connectivity

EDICOM's platform for the healthcare industry connects hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories or any other provider with any local, national or international public administration.

Key Features of EDICOM's Healthcare Platform

EDICOM connects public administrations and organizations as well as any of their private partners in the healthcare industry. The platform automates purchase order exchange, shipping notifications, or electronic invoices with any public or private hospital.

B2B Platform for Data Integration

Integrate your EDI platform with your ERP (ORACLE, SAP, DYNAMICS, SAGE) to manage document exchange with any public or private partner in the healthcare industry supply chain. Integrated solutions work in SaaS mode, based on private cloud technology developed and managed by EDICOM. 


A Global EDI Solution to Connect with Any Global Partner

EDICOM offers a global EDI platform with multistandard and multiprotocol functionality that guarantees connectivity with any partner in the world. 

EDICOM will help you to completely delegate management of your EDI B2B & B2G platform to our team of specialized technicians. 

Supplier to Key Laboratories and Healthcare Providers

Complete Technological Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

B2B2G Compliance Worldwide

B2B2G Compliance Worldwide

Standardize and optimize the Order-2-Cash process with all your partners for proper management of your receivable accounts. The EDICOM platform guarantees issuance and receipt of electronic orders and invoices according to the specifications required by any country and private partner. The solution connects with your ERP to automate and simplify the exchange of information in real time and to help you manage your payments efficiently. It also automates tax reporting in those countries where you operate in compliance with legal requirements.

PEPPOL Connectivity

PEPPOL Connectivity

EDICOM Access Point accreditation enables EDICOM as an access point to the PEPPOL platform. It simplifies connectivity to the PEPPOL network, allowing transparent and direct access to the other Access Points. The PEPPOL system enables companies to send and receive orders, electronic invoices, delivery notes, etc., regardless of the country they are in. The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Iceland, Greece, and Portugal are some of the European countries that belong to the network.

GDSN Data Pool

Product Data Synchronization (GDSN)

Using communication and product data synchronization standards are key to ensuring that information transfers and updates immediately. Electronic catalogs certified by GS1 to operate in GDSN are tools that provide security and efficiency in the healthcare industry through the alignment of main product archives. 

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

EDICOM's supplier portal is a web EDI solution integrated with your management system to automatically send purchase orders to your suppliers and receive invoices in electronic format. Centralize communication with your suppliers through a web portal. Publish your orders in an integrated way and facilitates the generation of invoices to your suppliers from purchase orders. Integrate invoices into your management system automatically.

eidas archiving

eIDAS Electronic Archiving

EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long-Term Archiving) is the certified long-term electronic archiving solution offered by EDICOM as a Qualified Trusted Service Provider. The service applies identification, digital signature and electronic chronological validation mechanisms, in compliance with eIDAS Regulation, thus guaranteeing integrity and authenticity of files stored over time.

Onboarding Management

Onboarding Management

Incorporate the maximum number of partners into your B2B communications project in the shortest possible time. Outsource to EDICOM the steps required to inform and qualify your partner community on your EDI integration process. Exchange EDI documents with all your partners, whether they are customers or suppliers, and communicate with them in the most efficient way, in record time.


Business Case: General Electric Healthcare

The exchange of business information in electronic format has seen significant progress in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in recent years, becoming a reality between the industry's leading suppliers to some of their clients in both the private and public sectors.

EDI data integration technologies enable more secure, simpler and smoother communications between all parties involved in the healthcare supply chain.

Optimize communication with your partners in Healthcare through a B2B2G compliant platform.

What do you need?

  • Integrate client orders from the ERP, no matter the format or standard under which they were created.

  • Use an e-Invoicing platform in accordance with the law and adapted to client specifications.  

  • Receive 100% of all purchase orders in electronic format and integrate them automatically into the ERP.

  • Synchronize product catalog information with that of your partners in accordance with GS1 - GDSN standards.

Here's how we help

  • Automated receiving, processing and integration of all incoming electronic documents.

  • Sending of e-Invoices based on ERP data, adapting them to each client's required format.

  • Promoting best practices with suppliers through onboarding projects while connecting them with the platform.

  • Electronic catalogs designed to synchronize all partners' product databases.

Benefits of EDICOM's Solutions in the Healthcare Industry

Better patient security

Better patient security

Thanks to updated information, errors are avoided, and medication instructions are more specific.

Increased management efficiency

Increased management efficiency

Thanks to digital item tracing, control and management of stock is improved.

Information in real time

Information in real time

GDSN catalogs facilitate access to standardized and precise product information. This ensures that suppliers, retailers, hospitals and pharmacies share the same data for each reference.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Savings are mainly generated by process automation. This increases productivity, as well as eliminating paper and the need to create new electronic files.

Connect With All Partners

Healthcare suppliers


Communications platform to automate the exchange of large volumes of data in the form of commercial transactions (purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, etc.) between hospitals, retailers, pharmacies, drugstores, etc.

EDI Hospitals


Solutions integrated with your in-house system that automate connectivity with your entire supplier network, automating the exchange of business transactions and simplifying supply chain management.

EDI for pharmacies

Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

Integration with leading pharmaceutical wholesalers. Flexible solutions to automate the exchange of purchase orders, shipping notices or invoices with any trading partner, including those of lower volume.

EDI healthcare for pharmacies


Web portals adapted to receive and manage the documents sent by your suppliers (invoices, goods delivery notices, etc.), with total guarantee of document receipt.

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