B2B Integration Solutions for the Retail Industry

Complete automation and integration with your trading partners on a single B2B2G electronic communications platform.

Efficient, Fast and Secure Communications: Global and Unlimited B2B Platform for Retail

Streamline your accounts payable and receivable activities by integrating B2B communications for 100% of your trading partners.

Optimize your commercial transactions and efficiently exchange electronic documents such as invoices, purchase orders, shipping instructions, price catalogs or product information. EDICOM allows you to securely connect with your trading partners worldwide, complying with the legal requirements of more than 70 countries around the world.

B2B Platform for Data Integration

Integrate your EDI platform with your ERP (ORACLE, SAP, DYNAMICS, SAGE) to manage the exchange of supply chain documents in the health care sector with any public or private partner. Our integrated solutions operate in SaaS mode using private cloud technology developed and managed by EDICOM.


A Global EDI Solution For Connecting with Partners Anywhere in the World

EDICOM offers a global EDI platform with multistandard and multiprotocol functionality that guarantees connectivity with partners anywhere in the world.

Let EDICOM’s team of technical specialists manage your EDI B2B & B2G platform.

Integrated Solutions for Retail

B2B2G Compliance worldwide

B2B2G Compliance worldwide

Standardize and optimize the Order-2-Cash and Procure-to-Pay process with all your partners for your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. EDICOM’s platform guarantees that electronic orders and invoices are sent and received according to the specifications required by any country and/or private partner. It also automates your tax reporting in the countries where you operate that have electronic VAT reporting requirements in place.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

The EDICOM supplier portal is a web solution that integrates with your management system to automatically send purchase orders to your suppliers and receive invoices in electronic format. You can centralize communications with your suppliers through a single, secure web portal. Integrate the order issuing process and facilitate the generation of invoices to your suppliers from purchase orders. You can also integrate invoices into your management system automatically.

GDSN Data Pool

Product Data Synchronization

The use of GDSN communication standards, as well as the synchronization of product data, are crucial to ensure instant transmission and updating of information. GS1-certified electronic catalogs provide security and efficiency in healthcare by aligning key product files. Discover EDICOM's private catalog.

Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI

Vendor Managed Inventory - VMI

Automate stock management and optimize results by leveraging the information shared by customers, suppliers and logistics operators. EDICOMCRP executes advanced demand forecasting algorithms based on sales, stocks, promotions and seasonality information that is continuously shared by supply chain partners.

Onboarding Management

Onboarding Management

Add the maximum number of partners to your B2B communications project in the shortest possible time. Outsource the processing of onboarding your partner community to EDICOM as part of the EDI integration process. Exchange EDI documents with all your partners, including customers and/or suppliers, and communicate with them efficiently, in record time.


Electronic Signature

EDICOMSignADoc is a document approval solution with electronic signature. Our document approval and signature solution can also be used to maximize the advantages of process automation. This platform is ideal for large companies with high volumes of documents to process.

We are the Provider of Some of the Largest International Distributors

Optimize Communications with Your Business Partners with a Fully Integrated Platform

What do you need to do?

  • Connect with any supplier or manufacturer from a single communications platform.

  • Integrate and automate the EDI messages exchanged with my trading partners in my ERP.

  • Issue all my orders in electronic format, even to suppliers who are not EDI-ready.

  • Have updated information on my suppliers' product catalogs.

Here is how we can help

  • Global EDI connectivity through multiprotocol solutions (web services, FTP, OFTP2, AS2, https, etc.) and interoperability agreements.

  • EDI solutions that translate the shipping data into the proprietary language of the management system.

  • Providing suppliers with an EDI web portal from which to consult and transfer orders. 

  • Electronic repositories which partners can use to automatically update their product references.

Tell Us What You Need so We Can Help You

The diversity and depth of the product offering, the range of supplier and customer profiles and the introduction of automated inventory management models are some of the key factors that have led to data integration technologies being implemented more frequently in the retail sector.

How can EDICOM's solutions help you?

We make EDI Compliance easy

Integrate and connect seamlessly with HUBs and retailers around the globe.

EDI Amazon
EDI Delhaize
EDI Costco
EDI Carrefour

Key EDI Messages that Help You Manager Your Omnichannel Strategy

Provides information on orders, with the details agreed in advance by the seller and buyer.

This type of EDI message is used to respond to placed orders. The message content is agreed in advance by the supplier and the customer. 

Allows you to consult the goods sent by a supplier and the details of the order. 

Used in the EDI distribution sector to notify a manufacturer of the arrival of an order. This reduces costs by preventing the rejection of invoices. 

An EDI document issued by a company to its suppliers to notify them of a payment document or invoice request.

This document includes information about products sold, price, order and delivery note numbers, terms of payment, etc.

This message is used to announce a return. 

The return message instructions indicate if a product can be returned and how. 

Indicates the sales made by each client at each point of sale. 

Benefits of EDICOM Solutions for the Retail Sector

Higher Sales

Higher Sales

The disappearance of stock-outs results in regular and stable consumption patterns that improve customer service and increase the number of units sold at the distribution point.



Thanks to the exchange of information and EDI messages, shipments can be monitored and traced, which means that the parties involved always have up-to-date product information that can be validated.

Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory

Stocks adjusted to demand mean lower inventories of goods and raw materials, which translates into more efficient operations and management, especially in the case of perishables

Resource Optimization

Resource Optimization

Achieved by using less warehouse space, providing timely sales forecasts, pre-ordering supplies and optimizing shipments.

Shorter Turnaround

Shorter Turnaround

Accurate data management enables better demand forecasting to ensure delivery of the right amount of product at the right time.

Improved Indicators

Improved Indicators

By reducing inventories, increasing sales, optimizing operations or forecasting demand over time, all of which translates into higher earnings and more accurate cash flow forecasts.

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