Value Added Network — EDI Connectivity through EDICOMNet

The EDICOM Value Added Network simplifies the exchange of structured messages with all your business partners securely and immediately from the most complete international EDI B2B Communications platform on the market.

A Private Network for the Secure Exchange of EDI Documents via VAN

EDICOMNet operates as a VAN (Value Added Network), constituting one of the most important communities for the seamless and immediate exchange of all types of business transactions in a private and secure environment.



More than 500 million transactions per year.


More than 17,000 connected companies. 


More than 23,000 daily accesses to our platform.

EDICOMNet Value Added Network

It works as a centralized synchronous communication infrastructure, available 24 hours a day and permanently monitored. An infrastructure that guarantees the secure delivery of your messages, establishing traceability records and giving senders total control of the status of their transactions. 


Connectivity Retailers

Connectivity with Major Retailers

Interconnection EDI

Interconnection with the Leading International Private Networks

Multi-Protocol Network

Multi-Protocol Network: Web Services, OFTP, AS2, AS4

AS2 - AS4   |   OFTP

Certified Infrastructure

Certified Infrastructure: ISO 27001, ISAE 3402, ISO 20000, TIER II

High Service Availability

High Service Availability 24x7 (SLA - 99.9%)

A "High Value" Added Network

EDICOMNet is a service for critical data transmission in B2B environments. It ensures that your electronic transactions and other business documents reach their destination through secure channels. These channels are specifically designed to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the messages exchanged.

  • Direct connectivity with the world's leading retailers (Wal-mart, Carrefour, Auchan, Mercadona, Corte Inglés, Carrefour, etc.).

  • Multi-protocol network: https, sftp, x400, OFTP, AS2, AS4, etc.

  • Multi-standard network for routing all types of messages (EDIFACT, X12, XML, FACTURAE, UBL, PEPPOL...).

  • Significant reduction in transaction costs thanks to the flat-rate model between business partners connected to EDICOMNet.

  • Fast and immediate transmission thanks to data grouping and compression processes.

  • Customized configuration of the dispatch queue to prioritize transactions by type.

  • High availability service with message traceability logging and delivery and processing confirmation.

  • More than 40 interconnections with the world's leading VANs.

PEPPOL Access Point

PEPPOL Access Point

Connectivity with PEPPOL through EDICOMNet to simplify B2G communications in the European Union.

Public Administrations

Public Administrations

EDICOMNet is interconnected with the EDICOM Public Administrations HUB to simplify sending invoices, VAT declarations, etc.

Interconnection VAN

Interconnection between Networks

EDICOMNet maintains interoperability agreements with the world's leading international private networks.


To operate in our value-added network or VAN, all you need is an EDICOMNet mailbox. EDI connectivity with your clients, suppliers, or any other business partner is guaranteed.  Below you will find some FAQs on how the service works:



EDICOMNet is a comprehensive communications solution using specific tools and services to make it easier for you to connect with any business partner.

These tools include the EDICOM Value Added Network, connectivity services with public administrations (public entities, town halls, customs, etc.), or point-to-point connection systems through protocols such as OFTP or ASX.

With EDICOMNet, to operate, you only need to contract a mailbox in the EDICOM Value Added Network. This connection will open the doors to communicate with your clients, suppliers, logistics operators, etc., without having to worry about configuring complex communications protocols.

Among the thousands of companies connected to our VAN, some of the most notable sectors are retail, consumer goods production, HORECA, automotive, healthcare, logistics, and transport ...

In addition, EDICOM maintains interoperability agreements with the most important VANs in the world. Together with our point-to-point connectivity services (ASX, OFTP, etc.), all this makes EDICOMNet an infrastructure that can open the door to practically any business partner with which you need to exchange business documents.

Registering a mailbox in EDICOMNet entails the payment of a monthly flat-rate fee. All traffic exchanged through our network is included in your monthly fee. You do not have to pay for each message. 

EDICOMNet is a multi-protocol network, so your messages can be transferred by the means you find most convenient (W. Services, FTP, FTPS, AS2, AS400, etc.).

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