AS2/AS4 Communications — EDI via AS2 and AS4

EDICOM AS Server is the communications module that enables EDICOMNet (EDICOM Value Added Network) to facilitate the exchange of all types of messages via AS2 or AS4.

Communications via AS2 - AS4

Internet as a secure communications channel for data exchange.

The EDICOM platform offers a specific communications service that allows you to exchange any transaction via AS2 and AS4, the most widespread communication protocols for the exchange of EDI messages over the Internet. 

Communication via AS2 or AS4 requires the commissioning of dedicated servers operating these protocols using data encryption techniques to recognize the origin of the transactions and guarantee their integrity.



Instantaneous data transfer from source to destination, reducing points of error in transmissions.

EDI Speed


Increased speed, increasing efficiency in the supply chain.



Implementing e-Signature processes also ensures origin authentication.

EDI Encryption Techniques

Encryption Techniques

It is designed to send and receive data securely using encryption techniques that ensure that only the recipient can read the information.

EDI Integrity


Allows for the detection of document alterations during transmission.

EDI Traceability


Generates signed acknowledgments of receipt, guaranteeing receipt of the message.


Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) is a growing initiative to promote electronic public procurement in the European Union. 

PEPPOL implements specific standards for message construction, as well as a communications network based on the so-called "Access-Points" that guarantee total interoperability between all network nodes using AS2 and AS4 as the communications protocol for sending and receiving any electronic transaction. 

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Latest EDI News

EDICOM Participates in GS1 Connect Event on Supply Chain Best Practices

EDICOM will be present at the GS1 Connect conference in San Diego between June 7th-9th as a global EDI technology provider

NEP NHS Consortium Mandates The Electronic Exchange Of Purchase Orders And Invoices

The NEP Consortium has mandated the use of electronic invoicing and purchase orders via PEPPOL as of 1st of June 2022

My ROI (Return on Investment) with EDI

EDI is still in play and a large part of the transactions of many CAC 40 companies are based on EDI flows

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