Online e-Invoicing Portal — Sending Electronic Documents to 100% of Your Business Partners

Integrate the issuance of documents (invoices, purchase orders, payroll, etc.) to clients, suppliers, employees, and any other business partner with your management systems.

Optimize Your Electronic Document Sending Operations

Integrate Business@Mail with your management systems to automate sending all your documents and stop issuing and processing invoices, purchase orders, and any other transactions analogically.

Reduce your costs and response times by delivering your documents simultaneously; they are generated in your systems. 


Business@Mail gives you greater guarantees, agility, and control than conventional email. 

How does Business@Mail work?


Issuing and Sending Documents

The sender generates documents (invoices, purchase orders, payroll receipts, etc.) from your company's management systems in the same way as it does with the rest of your business partners.


Recipient Notification

The company receiving the documents receives an email informing it that it has a new document in the Business@Mail platform and a link to access it.


Consultation and Downloading of Documents

The recipients access the document from the link to a web environment to consult or download it. The sender is aware at all times whether the recipient has performed any action with the document.

Simple and Intuitive to Use

Business@Mail has an interface designed to provide an optimal user experience. Both senders and recipients can preview and download documents or perform personalized searches and queries.

Business Mail Interface

Sender Benefits

Within the process optimization that the use of Business@Mail entails, the solution offers numerous benefits.

Optimizes Administrative Operations

Optimizes Administrative Operations

Automates the process by eliminating repetitive tasks such as printing documents and sending them by mail. It also eliminates paper usage.

Immediate and Secure Delivery

Immediate and Secure Delivery

Documents are transmitted in a matter of seconds through the completely secure and confidential channels of the EDICOM infrastructure.

Offers Total Document Traceability

Offers Total Document Traceability

The sender always knows if the document arrived at its destination, if the receiver was notified or if the document was consulted or downloaded.

Integrates with All Management Systems

Integrates with All Management Systems

Thanks to the integration with management systems, the issuing and sending of documents can be performed in a way that does not change your normal operations.

Easily Add New Recipients

Easily Add New Recipients

Sending documents to a new recipient is as simple as sending a document to the recipient's email address. Business@Mail does the rest.

Send Your Electronic Documents More Securely

Send Your Electronic Documents More Securely

Business@Mail is much more secure than email for sending invoices, purchase orders, payroll, or other documents to recipients without an EDI solution.

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Recipient Benefits

Document recipients via the platform also perceive tangible benefits for their company.


Completely Free of Charge for Recipients

Completely Free of Charge for Recipients

Business partners who subscribe to receive these documents do not have to invest anything in the solution, so they usually agree to be part of the system.

Secure Document Archiving

Secure Document Archiving

Documents are securely archived for the legally established period and are accessible and downloadable during this time.

It Can Be Integrated with Management Systems

It Can Be Integrated with Management Systems

It is also possible to integrate documents on the recipient's side, whether they are PDFs generated by the sender or by the EDICOM solution.

Business@Mail Solutions

Business@Mail is designed to send any document to all your business partners.

In addition, some adaptations of the platform have been developed for certain sectors or utilities.


Business Mail


Solution for sending any document to any recipient without an EDI solution.

Business Mail Pharma

Business@Mail Pharma

Solution for sending and exchanging purchase orders and invoices focused on the pharmaceutical sector.

Business Mail Payroll

Business@Mail Payroll

Solution for sending payroll to employees via a private portal and acceptance or signature.

Detailed Control of Whether Your Business Partners View Your Documents

Thanks to status notifications, the sender always knows its status with each action of the document recipients.

It is also possible to know when no action has been taken and to check that documents and their notifications arrive correctly.

This traceability makes it possible, for example, to manage invoices proactively based on the acknowledgments reported by Business@Mail. Knowing whether documents have been consulted or not makes it possible to take specific measures, reduce response times, and speed up collection.

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