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EDI solutions integrated with your ERP for the exchange of business transactions with customers and suppliers.

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EDI portal integrating partners (customers, suppliers, consumers) who do not have a data integration solution.

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Management of your EDI solution, supplier onboarding and support for your EDI partner community.

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We have our own electronic data interchange technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions About EDI

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, facilitates the exchange of standardized documents between the computer systems of the partners involved in a business relationship, adapting to various sectors depending on the companies' specific communication needs.

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EDI interchange models offer solutions designed to automatically integrate data between two or more information systems. EDI is based on three fundamental elements:

Standard language: The exchange of electronic information requires a standardized language shared by sender and receiver. There are different standards for EDI documents, such as EDIFACT, X12, XML, etc.

EDI software: The sender and receiver must have an EDI solution with which to generate and manage messages, according to the agreed standard.

Communication network: EDI exchanges require secure communication systems adapted to the special characteristics of these type of transactions. There are different options, although the most widespread are VANs, or value-added networks. These are private communication networks with high levels of security which are closely controlled and monitored, specifically designed to handle these types of electronic documents.

Web EDI solutions provide an online environment that allows senders to generate their messages on data entry screens where the information that makes up the data structures to be sent is recorded manually.

These solutions can usually be implemented quickly and inexpensively, requiring only a browser to access a private and secure environment from which to manage the EDI B2B transactions sent and received.

These solutions integrate with your management system, automating the processing of your EDI messages from the records generated directly in the ERP.

The automation of communications between management systems does not require extensive in-house development. Normally, software installed on your internal network enables you to open the links between your internal system and the EDI solution, automating the sending of each message every time there is a new document to be sent. These communications are automated each time a transaction is received from an EDI partner for integration with your information system.

GLN stands for "Global Location Number" and is a code that identifies a physical or virtual location. The purpose of this code is to identify a unique location used in EDI communications to define the product shipping and reception points.

An EDI partner is one of the parties involved in an electronic data interchange project. They are usually customers or suppliers, although logistics operators and others can also participate in a B2B2G EDI project.

EDI partners may require that companies meet certain requirements in order to integrate them into their B2B communication flow. These requirements have to do with rules that apply to the EDI message guidelines and must be considered by partners for integration. They are usually related to the obligation to provide certain relevant data such as order number, discount data in the header, line or legend of an invoice, etc.

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Customized Technological Solutions for All Industries

Solutions for Healthcare

EDICOM offers document exchange and connectivity solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and other suppliers who work with local, national or international government agencies. We also have data synchronization, international compliance and long-term archiving solutions, among others.

Solutions for Retail

EDICOM offers integrated solutions designed specifically for manufacturers and distributors in the retail sector to ensure the most efficient supply chain management. There are also solutions for master data synchronization, web portals, international compliance and supplier onboarding, among other services.

Solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain

EDICOM solutions offer effective B2B integration between customers, suppliers and logistics operators. This includes everything from transmitting specific messages for the logistics industry adapted to the supply chain to electronic invoicing or electronic tax returns in compliance with the laws in different countries.

EDI Solutions for the Automotive Sector

Work systems such as Just In Time require technological solutions that allow for rapid integration of all the companies on the supply chain, such as specific B2B solutions for information exchange, international compliance and web portals, among others.


NEP NHS Consortium mandates the electronic exchange of purchase orders and invoices

The NEP Consortium has mandated the use of electronic invoicing and purchase orders via PEPPOL as of 1st of June 2022

EDICOM Participates in GS1 Connect Event on Supply Chain Best Practices

EDICOM will be present at the GS1 Connect conference in San Diego between June 7th-9th as a global EDI technology provider

My ROI (Return on Investment) with EDI

EDI is still in play and a large part of the transactions of many CAC 40 companies are based on EDI flows

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