Characteristics of the electronic invoice in France

The electronic invoice has been valid in France since 1990. The most common electronic invoice is through EDI with a couple additional procedures. Since 2020 public administrations and their suppliers have been mandated to invoice electronically. The extension of this obligation to the B2B environment is also progressively expected between 2023 and 2025. 



All suppliers of public administrations must issue electronic invoices. Currently, it is not mandatory in the B2B environment and is contingent on the invoice recipient’s consent. B2B electronic invoices will be mandatory between 2023 and 2025 depending on the size and sector of the company.  



INVOICE UBL V2 UN/CEFACT CII for invoices issued to public administrations. As of 2017 two XML document types are acceptable: INVOICE UBL V2 and UN/CEFACT CII (CCTS/NDR v3.0).

Digital Signature

Digital Signature

In France, the digital signature is mandatory for hybrid PDF formats and is voluntary for the electronic EDI format. 



If the obligation is to store the invoice for 6 years it is common that issuers and recipients store them for 10. This is because of the many different interpretations that can be applied to specifications established in different French legal codes. 

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Common questions

Chorus Pro is a portal created by the French tax authority (AIFE) for the reception of electronic invoices issued to the government. It acts as a HUB tasked with concentrating supplier invoices and distributing them to the corresponding public administration for processing. It is also a free web portal for small and medium enterprises that do not have an EDI solution and need to issue invoices to the government. There they can upload and check the status of the electronic invoices. 

Currently, all suppliers of public administrations must issue electronic invoices. A compliance timeline for all companies subject to VAT tax will begin next year. 


The government has published a compliance timeline for the new e-Invoicing and e-Reporting system based on companies’ size:

  • January 1st 2023 for large enterprizes,
  • January 1st 2024 for medium enterprizes, 
  • January 1st 2025 for small and medium enterprizes.

You can learn more about the status of the B2B electronic invoice in France.

Implementation of e-Invoicing around the world

The technical and legal requirements for e-Invoicing are different in each country. If you want to know the details and tax obligations of any particular country, just click on the map or choose a country from the dropdown list.

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