Characteristics of the electronic invoice in France

The electronic invoice has been valid in France since 1990. The most common electronic invoice is through EDI with a couple additional procedures. Since 2020 public administrations and their suppliers have been mandated to invoice electronically. The extension of this obligation to the B2B environment is also progressively expected between 2024 and 2026. 




Public administrations and their suppliers are obliged to exchange electronic invoices through the government's electronic invoicing platform Chrous Pro. 


French companies will be obliged to implement electronic invoicing.

The ChorusPro platform will become the PPF (Portail Public de Facturation) and will focus on the exchange of all invoices in the country (B2B and B2G).



The DGFiP has determined that all electronic invoices both B2G and B2B can be issued in UBL, CII or Factur-X formats. 

Digital Signature

Digital Signature

In France, the use of electronic signatures is not mandatory.



If the obligation is to store the invoice for 6 years it is common that issuers and recipients store them for 10. This is because of the many different interpretations that can be applied to specifications established in different French legal codes. 

e-Reporting System 

e-Reporting System 

The new electronic invoicing model includes a new e-Reporting system. Companies will be required to report data related to international B2C and B2B transactions through the new system, which will follow the same compliance schedule as the electronic invoice. 

e-Reporting System 

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