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Ukraine: SAF-T Electronic Report Will Be Mandatory in 2025

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The Ukrainian tax authority will require taxpayers to report fiscal information through SAF-T files. The legislation outlines a schedule consisting of two phases:

  • January 1st, 2025: SAF-T mandatory for large taxpayers.
  • January 1st, 2027: SAF-T mandatory for all other taxpayers.

Large taxpayers are defined as legal entities with income exceeding five hundred million hryvnias (approximately 11 million euros) over the last four consecutive fiscal quarters.

Since 2021, large taxpayers have been required to be prepared to submit SAF-T files upon request by the Ukrainian tax authority.

The SAF-T file must be submitted to the tax authority within two business days of receiving the request.
The main information that must be included in the SAF-T file includes:

  1. Accounting policies and descriptions of accounting methods.
  2. Detailed descriptions of business transactions, including coding and transaction characteristics.
  3. Accounting and tax information, including transactions by date, number, source document name, and amount.
  4. Source documents, accounting certificates, etc.

Tax Invoice in Ukraine

Electronic invoicing between companies is not yet mandatory in Ukraine. However, the government requires what is known as a tax invoice, which has been compulsory for all taxpayers since 2011.

This requirement involves submitting transactional data electronically to the tax authority via an API connected to the national platform.

An electronic tax invoice must be signed with a certificate issued by a certification authority.
Tax Invoices must include the following mandatory information:

  • Serial number of the tax invoice
  • Date of issuance
  • Seller and buyer information
  • Tax identification numbers of the seller and buyer
  • Description and quantity or volume of goods/services
  • Supply price, excluding taxes
  • Tax rate and the corresponding tax amount
  • Total amount, including taxes
  • Goods code according to the UCC FEA

In the B2G (Business to Government) sector, electronic invoicing with public administrations has been mandatory in Ukraine since 2011.

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