EDI Client Web Portal

A solution for the integration of clients without Electronic Data Interchange technologies.

Integrate 100% of your clients through EDI

The EDI client portal facilitates the integration of B2B clients without an EDI solution, as well as end clients or consumers in a B2C context.

It establishes one-way flows for sending key transactions, such as invoices, or more complex models for sending purchase orders and other documents.

One-Direction EDI Portal

The supplier identifies the "No EDI" clients in its ERP that it wishes to integrate through the portal.

Invoices generated from the ERP (or any document sent to the client) are published in the portal.

The EDI portal recognizes the invoice recipient and sends an e-mail notifying them that the document is available via a link to the invoice.

The client accesses the portal to consult, download or print their invoices.

Bi-Directional EDI Portal

The supplier uses EDI messaging services to publish the catalog of products and prices it typically sells to each client, usually with a PRICAT message.

Each client has an individualized environment in the portal.

The client can see the products they usually buy from the supplier in the portal.

Orders placed through the portal are integrated into the supplier's ERP and are ready for processing and shipment to the client.

After processing the order and generating the invoice associated with the purchase order in the supplier's ERP, the invoice is published in each client's portal environment, notifying them when it is available to view or download.

Benefits of the EDI Client Web Portal

Business@Mail, the solution for sending 100% of your invoices electronically

Business@Mail is EDICOM's solution for sending EDI messages to all non-EDI integrated customers.

This tool is specifically designed to automate the sending of any document. It is especially ideal for invoices, with all the legal and security requirements defined in each market.

Integrate 100% of Your Suppliers Through the EDI Web Portal

EDICOM has specific solutions to integrate your suppliers without an EDI solution. This makes it possible to extend the capabilities of your EDI B2B platform to 100% of your partners, regardless of whether they have an Electronic Data Interchange solution.

EDICOM's supplier portal is a web-based EDI solution integrated with your management system to automatically send purchase orders to suppliers and receive invoices in electronic format.


Publication of Purchase Orders

The EDICOM platform processes 100% of the orders generated in your management system. The EDI Web Portal Solution recognizes orders from suppliers who do not have an EDI solution and automatically publishes them in the portal, informing the supplier of new orders.


Supplier Access to Portal

After receiving notification of new orders, the supplier accesses the portal to consult, download and print orders. Access to the EDI portal and the management of these orders generate notifications received by the client. This allows you to have permanent traceability of your orders.


Invoice Integration

Once the purchase order has been processed, the supplier logs back into the EDI portal. Based on the purchase order, they issue the invoice using the data entry screens. This record considers the original purchase order data, simplifies its issuance, and facilitates subsequent matching with the purchase order for automatic integration into the accounts payable application.

EDI Academy e-Books

A useful guide to learn the most important things about EDI. This content is distributed in 3 e-Books and is for professionals in the technology sector who want to get started with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems.

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This first e-Book focuses on the didactic and informative part of EDI.

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We present the features and advantages of two key components for the implementation of an electronic data transfer platform.

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We discuss the different types of solutions that allow you to take advantage of EDI technology to connect with any trading partner.

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