International Compliance Authority

EDICOM is accredited by the tax authorities of multiple countries to adapt its solutions to each location's regulatory requirements.

Compliance in LATAM

We are an accredited provider in multiple countries for the issue of electronic invoices, tax declaration documents or process digitization.

Compliance in Mexico

EDICOM's technological infrastructure offers its users the highest level of certification in the data transfer framework with administrations in Mexico.

Compliance in Europe

We are accredited by multiple European authorities to provide electronic invoicing services to companies and public administrations, as well as mandatory tax reporting.

We adapt our solutions to be accredited as an international service provider

Do you operate in countries with specific regulations? Do you need to consider telematic procedures to comply with the tax requirements of those markets?

At EDICOM, we constantly adapt our solutions and technologies to the mandatory requirements in those countries with specific regulations. Our services simplify your systems adaptation to each country's current regulations.

A "Compliance Authority" like EDICOM deploys solutions, services, technology and processes aligned with  tax authority requirements and organizations that are usually public bodies. This facilitates compliance with these regulations for the companies using our platform.

EDICOM helps companies to comply with tax regulations such as issuance of electronic invoices or declaration of certain tax documents by telematic procedures based on the data recorded by company accounting.

Any digital process with regulation that provides guarantees for the pertinent authorities:

  • Transformation of analog documents into digital representations with identical value as the originals.
  • Adequate storage and custody processes of electronic documents according to current regulations in multiple countries. 
  • Electronic time stamps on private contracts to certify before the authorities the conclusion of private agreements.
  • Etc...

Major countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala and Costa Rica are greatly affected by these processes.

In Latin America, there are several regulations that require the use of electronic invoicing for companies and individuals. Systems with a service provider accredited by the tax authority of each country are often required.

There are also specific regulations that affect other processes, such as electronic accounting, document digitization and electronic storage.

In Europe, we have multiple accreditations to offer electronic invoicing services to public administrations, fiscal reporting of VAT and other taxes, or the declaration of goods in transit in accordance with EU and country-specific regulations.

Asia is a region that is actively developing this type of process. We constantly adapt our solutions to support all clients in complying with their obligations in those Asian countries where they have a presence. We develop strong partnerships with local entities to rely on local providers when required by regulations.

EDICOM has multiple working groups that coordinate through an efficient knowledge management system. This makes it possible to adapt our solutions quickly. These working groups permanently monitor their areas of influence. They actively participate in projects promoted by local authorities and maintain seamless relationships with all of them, especially with the fiscal and tax administrations of the different countries for which we provide coverage.

EDICOM uses its own solutions. We do not use third-party technology, and we have our own I+D+i team. This development team coordinates with our working group teams and quickly adapts our tools to the changes and requirements we find in the countries where we offer solutions.

Why Compliance Authority?



B2B B2G e-Invoicing

B2B and B2G e-Invoicing

The issuance of electronic invoices between companies and individuals in compliance with regulations defined by the tax authorities. A solution for issuing electronic invoices in compliance with the requirements of European public administrations.

Fiscal compliance

Fiscal Compliance

An international B2G systems integration and communications solution to automate tax returns and document filing (transportation, movement of goods, accounting records, etc.) according to each authority's requirements.


Process Digitization

We are accredited by the entities of different countries for the digitization and storage of electronic documents. We develop solutions in accordance with current international regulations for the preservation of electronic documents.

Compliance Authority in Europe

Our solutions have the necessary registrations, approvals and accreditations to operate in Europe according to the requirements of multiple processes.

Accredited services to send electronic invoices to public administrations throughout the continent.

B2G Invoicing in Germany
European eInvoicing B2G Platform
EDICOM Peppol Access Point

An approved solution to issue documents in Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) format in Portugal in electronic accounting, electronic VAT and transport documents. 

An electronic VAT return in Poland based on SAF-T format.

SAF-T Portugal
SAF-T Poland
SAF-T Norway
SAF-T Romania

A platform to automate VAT declarations of sales, purchases, and acquisition of assets—all in accordance with Spain's current model.

EDICOMSii Solution

A solution for VAT declarations in the United Kingdom based on the "Making Tax Digital" system.

EDICOM Making Tax Digital

Compliance Authority in LATAM

Latin America is one of the most active regions for development of fiscal initiatives requiring mandatory telematic processes.

A complete e-Invoicing platform aligned with the requirements of different countries throughout the region.

EDICOM LATAM e-Invoicing Platform

Under the name "Online Electronic Invoicing (FEL) System", Guatemala defined a mandatory framework for the issuance, remittance, certification and retention of invoices, credit and debit memos and other authorized documents.

FEL Guatemala

The "Electronic Payment Receipts" system is regulated by the "Electronic Issuing System" (SEE) aligned with the requirements defined by Peru's tax authority, SUNAT.

CPE Perú

Mexico is one of the most dynamic countries in the development of compliance initiatives. 
Its "Digital Tax Receipts via Internet" (CFDI) model covers not only electronic invoicing, but also other tax documents such as payroll or bank receipts. 

Mexico regulated different initiatives for digitization of analog documents and the conservation of digital copies with the same legal value as the originals through the so-called "Third Party Legally Authorized" (TLA) and Conservation of Data Messages NOM151 models. 

EDICOM is accredited to offer a complete compliance solution in Mexico:

  • Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) per the Tax Administration Department.
  • Certificate Services Provider (PSC) accredited for Conservation of Data Messages NOM151.
  • Legally authorized third party for certified digitization of analog originals.

EDICOM, Accredited Service Provider in Mexico

EDICOM is the Certification Authority for Mexico, providing individuals and companies with secure electronic identification mechanisms that enable them to carry out activities where electronic signatures replace handwritten signatures with identical legal guarantees.

The EDICOM Certification Services Provider (PSC) provides our B2B e-commerce solutions with tools that guarantee secure, complete and confidential exchange of electronic messages.

The EDICOM Trusted Service Provider will give you access to specific services to guarantee the security of all your communications and management processes by means of data encryption techniques.

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