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Our electronic invoicing platform complies with the technical and legal requirements of each Latin American country where you operate.

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EDICOM keeps a permanent watch on different electronic invoicing models at the international level. Select the country where you want to do business, and we will provide you with the technical and legal criteria necessary for sending electronic invoices.

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News about e-Invoicing in LATAM

EDICOM keeps a permanent watch on international electronic invoicing.


e-Invoicing Mexico

The Digital Tax Receipt (CFDI) has undergone years of changes and improvements to guarantee the best taxpayer experience and to correct errors detected over time.

e-Invoicing Brazil

The SEFAZ has updated the Electronic Tax Note (NF-e) framework, adding new fields and verifications to the validation rules.

e-Invoicing Colombia

The DIAN puts the RADIAN platform to work for recording electronic bills of sale as a security.

Webinar EDICOM & PWC: Global e-Invoicing & Compliance Roadmap 2022-2023


Are you updated on current e-Invoicing trends? Discover the game-changing technology that will help your company gain efficiency while seamlessly optimizing your compliance processes wordlwide.

A Global Platform for e-Invoicing in Latin America

Latin America is the most advanced region for electronic invoicing. The system has become a valuable tool for improving fiscal control and reducing high rates of tax evasion. Mexico and Brazil have been on the cutting edge of this technology, with advanced e-Invoicing legislation. This success has inspired neighboring countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia and Guatemala to implement their own electronic models. 

This simplifies and streamlines the sending and receipt of electronic invoices with a global provider that has the capacity for integration, syntax validation, legal validation and electronic document storage.

Characteristics of e-Invoicing in LATAM

Our international electronic invoicing platform implements specific functionalities to adapt your management and accounting systems to current requirements in the different countries where you do business.

Fiscal Control

Fiscal Control

In order to guarantee rigorous fiscal control, electronic document identification systems have been created to establish fiscal validity.

Administrative Procedures

Administrative Procedures

Some countries require an application process with administrative authorities, authorization, or registration as a sender and receiver of electronic invoices.

e-Invoice Format


Each country's administrative authority certifies the format that must be used (usually XML), the information that must be included in the invoice, and it's submission.

electronic signature invoice

Electronic Signature

This system is very common in countries that use electronic invoices. It guarantees content authenticity and integrity.

print format

Print Format

Sometimes it is necessary to have a visual representation of an electronic document so that it can be used by recipients who do not have integrated technological solutions.

electronic archive

Electronic Archive

Electronic document archive (both for the sender and the recipient) is often mandatory for a certain period of time.

The State of e-Invoicing in Latin America

Over 70 countries around the world use electronic invoicing in B2B and B2G environments. Download our complete guide about the current state of affairs and advances in Latin America's electronic invoicing systems.

This white paper helps you to understand the key basics of electronic invoicing models in Latin America.

Electronic Invoicing in Latin America: Gaining Fiscal Control

Chile, Mexico and Brazil pioneered the use of electronic invoicing. Its use is extensive in these countries, and they are beginning to advance in other fiscal policies, such as electronic accounting.

The goal is to simplify the job of the taxpayer and to reduce costs. Due to the nature of the system, taxpayer invoicing and other transactions are constantly monitored. This helps to prevent tax evasion. Electronic invoicing systems allow fiscal authorities to:


  • To monitor taxpayer transactions as accurately as possible through the amount invoiced in business operations.

  • Maintain permanent auditing of taxpayer purchases and sales and their impact on industry models.

  • Know the details of the taxes a business must pay. It is the perfect tool to fight tax evasion.

Advantages of e-Invoicing

Fiscal Advantages

Fiscal Advantages

The document is subject to various legal and fiscal controls because it is a mechanism for tax collecting.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Automated management (issuing, sending and receiving) and integration of accounting and account management systems means time reductions, elimination of human errors and greater efficiency.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

The cost difference between sending a paper invoice and an electronic invoice can be as high as 90%. There is no need to print, send, or generate receipts. This guarantees significant savings.

Manage Your e-Invoice Around the World

It is possible to manage e-Invoicing projects with several partners in different countries. EDICOM's e-Invoicing platform adapts to national legislation and applies all local requirements (electronic signature, formats, storage...). Our global e-Invoicing observation team gathers knowledge about existing models and ensures a service that is constantly updated with each country's regulations.

international management

International Management

Companies that work in markets around the world manage commercial and fiscal operations within a transnational framework. This framework requires processes to adapt to realities like electronic invoicing.

centralized management

Centralized Management

The capacity to manage multiple existing electronic invoicing frameworks within a solution that directly integrates with the company's central ERP.

legal compliance

Legal Compliance

An invoice documents the contractual relationship between commercial parties. It is a key document that must adapt to the legal framework of each country. EDICOM's global e-Invoicing platform is a certified solution to operate legally throughout Latin America.

operational advantages

Operational Advantages

All processes integrate with the internal management systems of the companies that send or receive invoices. This level of automation considerably reduces procedures.

Latest e-Invoicing News

The Electronic Invoice in Peru

Get to know how the Electronic Invoice System (SEE) in Peru Works. 

Peru Digitalizes Electronic Invoice Factoring

The Peruvian government has approved the commercialization of invoices through factoring.

EDICOM approved as PEPPOL Provider by the Dutch PEPPOL Authority NPA

We are proud to announce that the Dutch PEPPOL Authority (NPA) has authorized EDICOM as a PEPPOL provider in the country.

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