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Japan Adopts PEPPOL Network for e-Invoicing

Japan adopts PEPPOL

Japan is in the process of developing its e-invoicing project based on the PEPPOL standard. PEPPOL is a common and interoperable standard that aims to promote the development of cross-border e-Procurement.
EIPA (Electronic Invoicing Promotion Association) is the organization in charge of developing and building a standardized electronic invoicing system that can be used by companies in Japan. 

Its goal is to facilitate a digital transformation in the country by promoting the use of technology for the management and exchange of standardized documents. Digitizing the entire invoicing and administrative process will make Japanese companies more efficient and productive. EDICOM is a member of EIPA and will support Japanese companies in their digital transformation.

PEPPOL in Japan

EIPA and the Japanese government have been working together with OpenPEPPOL to develop a Japanese standard that meets the country's legal and business requirements since September 2021. The basis of the Japanese model is PINT, the international version of PEPPOL based on BIS Billing 3.0. This version is designed to meet international requirements and allows local specifications to be added.

The implementation of PEPPOL in Japan means that the public administration and its suppliers will have to exchange their electronic documents in PEPPOL format.

There has been no obligation in the country to issue and receive electronic invoices, however EIPA recommends companies to use PEPPOL-compatible e-Invoicing software by October 2022.


EDICOM has been a certified PEPPOL Access Point since 2015. EDICOM received SMP certification for the implementation of its metadata publishing service.

EDICOM PEPPOL Access Point enables European administrations and authorities to interact with their network of partners and suppliers through integrated solutions that automate the exchange of all types of electronic documents under the PEPPOL-XML standard.

Which countries exchange electronic invoices through PEPPOL?

Although PEPPOL was initially designed by the European Union to facilitate cross-border trade between companies and public bodies within the EU itself, it has become a successful model and is being used outside the EU.

United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Iceland, Greece, Portugal, are some of the countries that belong to the PEPPOL network.

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