Customized Solutions from an Automated B2B Platform

Seamless integration of your B2B communications with customers, suppliers and any other partner involved in your production, commercial or financial processes.

Solutions for the Healthcare Sector

B2B2G platform that connects all partners operating in the healthcare sector across the continent.

Solutions for Retail

Complete automation and integration with all your trading partners from a single communications platform.

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Discover our global communications platform which is capable of sending and receiving messages in multiple standards using OFTP2, AS2, and other protocols.

Integration, Automation and Connectivity on a Single Cloud Platform

Commercial transactions processed from EDICOM's B2B Platform make it easier to send and receive all kinds of electronic documents securely, quickly and seamlessly. The solution integrates all of your communications with customers, suppliers and any other partners involved in your commercial, financial and other processes. 

No matter what line of business you are in, an international team of experts in your industry can advise you  on solutions for your market. You'll receive advice on issues related to message standards, communication protocols, etc.

SaaS to Optimize and Digitize your Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay Processes

EDI Health

Healthcare Supply Chain Optimization

The implementation of global standards and the synchronization of product data are essential to ensure that updated information is transmitted instantaneously, which benefits everyone involved in the supply chain.

EDI Retail

Retail Business Integration of all Communications

This industry handles multiple business transactions such as orders, shipping notices and electronic invoices, integrating clients, suppliers, logistics operators and third parties involved in the supply chain.

EDI automotive

Secure Communications and Multistandard Connectivity for the Automotive Industry

Our global electronic data interchange platform can send and receive messages on various levels using OFTP2, AS2 and other protocols to ensure perfect connectivity with your partners in the automotive sector. 

EDI Logistics

Standardization and Digitization of Logistics Processes

The standardization of processes and traceability mechanisms offered by an EDI system ensure secure communication flows in the logistics industry between private companies and between public and private entities.

Clients Who Place their Trust in Us

Customized Technological Solutions for All Industries

Solutions for Manufacturing

The commercial relationships of manufacturers and suppliers are impacted by conditions such as the growing heterogeneity of customers, product offerings or the need to continuously adapt to the idiosyncrasies of each market.

  • Operate with any retailer from a single EDI B2B communications platform.

  • Automate the integration of orders in the ERP or management system.

  • Control resources more efficiently to reduce stocks of perishables and raw materials.

  • Issue electronic invoices to any country of origin or destination.

Solutions for the Tourism Sector

The Internet has revolutionized access to tourism services through a variety of channels, not only conventional travel agencies but also web portals that make these services available to everyone.

  • Our solutions help you extend your offer of tourism products and services to different electronic publishing systems: GDS, web portals, etc.

  • Integrate supplier invoices into your management system.

  • Issue your invoices electronically, delivering them to end customers through user-friendly digital channels.

We Make EDI Compliance Easy

EDICOM's EDI Platform integrates the management of the most common transactions with the main HUBs or retailers worldwide.

EDI Amazon
EDI Amazon
EDI Delhaize
EDI Carrefour
EDI Costco
EDI Mediamarkt
EDI Lidl
EDI Tesco


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