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Slovakia Continues to Advance its e-Invoicing Project

Slovakia  e-Invoicing

As of January 2022 companies are able to send electronic invoices to public administrations in Slovakia. This is because the government has completed its communications platform called IS EFA.

Although the electronic invoice in Slovakia is currently voluntary, we believe it will become mandatory for B2G and B2B transactions. 

The creation of the IS EFA platform through a collaboration between the ministry of finance and the public contracting company is a great advancement for electronic invoicing in the country, since it will reduce administrative costs, improve efficiency, and increase transparency in public administrations. 

The Slovakian Electronic Invoice Information System (IS EFA)

The Slovakian government is regulating the delivery of electronic invoices to the public administration and has introduced an IT and communication solution called the Electronic Invoice Information System (IS EFA) that will be managing all transactions. 

The main objective of the IS EFA is to enact Directive 2014/55/EU of the European Parliament and Council regarding electronic invoicing for public contracts.  

The Slovakian minister of Finance in collaboration the public administration will introduce a unified process for electronic invoicing, to fight tax fraud and to speed up tax collection. 

This new system will make it easier for companies to comply with their tax obligations and will also contribute to a more efficient and transparent system. 

IS EFA Implementation Phases

Slovakia has proposed a plan to implement electronic invoices with the first phase already implemented. The implementation of this new system is split into two phases. 

  • Phase 1 (January 2022): Voluntary e-invoicing.
  • Phase 2 (April 2023): Mandatory electronic invoicing at the B2G level.

The date of implementation of electronic invoicing in the B2B, B2C and G2C areas is still pending confirmation by the Ministry.

How Does e-Invoicing Work for Foreign companies in Slovakia?

Regarding foreign companies or professionals, it is important to highlight the use of email for the delivery and reception of all electronic invoices that fall under the jurisdiction of the Slovak Public Administration. 

Issuers and recipients must transmit the information through the government’s email: 


The Slovak government states that the title and body of the email will be ignored and that only an attached invoice will be read. Once received they will verify and add it to the system manually and then send a confirmation or rejection, also through email. 

Meaning that the only way to send and receive invoices to Slovakian public administrations as a foreign company is through email. 

Sending invoices, contracts and other important documents through email has its inconveniences. The delivery of confidential information through a non-secure channel can be a risk to your company, creating security gaps that can compromise your financial security. 

Business@Mail For the Secure Automatic Delivery of Electronic Invoices to Slovakia

Business@Mail is an EDICOM Solution that gives more security guarantees, speed, and control than e-mail. 

Through a simple and intuitive interface for both issuers and recipients they can visualize and download documents in a secure manner. 

It is important to mention that the Business@Mail service enables the automatic delivery of messages 

Through this solution you will be able to send invoices through email immediately and security thanks to EDICOM’s confidential channels. 

Another aspect that deserves special attention is that Business@Mail offers complete traceability of sent documents, informing the issuer if the message has been delivered, if it has been opened, or downloaded. 

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to manage any invoices with the Slovakian Public Administration you must send communications through email. Business@Mail is a secure and effective solution that can be used for sending invoices to Slovakian PA’s.


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