Characteristics of the electronic invoice in Belgium

The use of electronic invoices in Belgium was adopted in 2013, at which time the government declared e-Invoices had the same validity as paper invoices.

In the public sector, it is mandatory for all federal and central administrations to receive e-Invoices. This obligation applies to suppliers of such public entities in several regions (Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia). Now, the obligation to issue e-Invoices has been extended to all suppliers of public administrations. 

The Belgian Finance Minister has unveiled a series of measures for a tax reform in the country, including the mandatory use of B2B electronic invoicing and electronic VAT reporting.

Tax Authority

Tax Authority

Federale Overheidsdienst Financien / Service Publique Federale FINANCES.



The electronic invoice is mandatory for B2G transactions with the central public administrations and the federal public administrations.

In the B2B environment, it is expected for the government to implement mandatory B2B e-invoicing from July 2024 in a phased manner.




Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Not mandatory.



7 years.

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Common questions

Electronic invoices issued to the public sector can be sent following the PEPPOL model. The federal government has a central reception platform called MERCURIUS connected to the PEPPOL network. All the public entities in the country -centralized and decentralized- can us this platform. However, they may also choose to have a direct connection with PEPPOL.

Currently, it is only mandatory for all public administrations and their suppliers in Flanders and Brussels. 

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