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The United States Begins an Electronic Invoicing Pilot Project

 Electronic Invoicing USA

The business payments coalition and the Federal reserve have announced the rollout of a pilot project aiming to establish a standardized B2B electronic invoicing system.

The initiative seeks to establish a standardized electronic invoicing system with an electronic document exchange network, similar to the PEPPOL system developed in Europe.  

It looks to offer companies that would like to use the system a common infrastructure to exchange electronic documents that facilitate and promote business nationally and internationally.

The proposed model is based on a Four-Corner Network Model, where electronic documents can be sent and received through access points that connect users to the network. 

To advance the project the BPC and the Federal Reserve have published a notice inviting all interested companies to participate in their workgroups and to test the new system.  

Call access

The primary goal in the initial phase is to determine the necessary tools to establish the e-Delivery Network and its access points. 

Different work groups will be established with technology suppliers, companies, and government entities to facilitate the execution of the implementation calendar. 

Implementation calendar

  • July – December: incorporation tool development and access point testing. 
  • 2022 – Development and implementation of a pilot project for the Exchange of electronic invoices.  

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