Business Automation Integration

Automate the most important aspects of key processes like error free data entry and the synchronization of data throughout all your business applications. Eliminate repetitive and archaic manual data entry processes in multiple applications.

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Integrations for Business Process Optimization

Manage your data effectively to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Avoid manual data entry when you can automatically transfer data between applications. Prevent needless data entry mistakes and data discrepancies between systems.

Prevent data silos that keep departments and employees from accessing crucial information which can impact sales or increase costs for your business.

Avoid Creating Data Silos Because You Have Not Integrated Your Business

Dont allow data to exist in your company that is not accessible by some of your employees because it is hidden away in a data base or different system.  Benefit from the advantages of integrating your disparate systems and data bases to ensure your employees always have access to all your business information.

 "Data silos" store information that can be extremely valuable to employees in other departments and can become new sales or help avoid unnecessary costs.

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EDICOMiPaaS Benefits

Integrating data internally and with third parties is useful for every department in your company.

For Executives and Managers

For Executives and Managers

Improve decision making with highly accessible and centralized information. Take statistics, metrics, KPIs, indicators and any other data from your disparate applications to your business intelligence tools to generate more informative dashboards (Power BI, Tableau, SAP BI, etc.) 

For Human Resource Departments

For Human Resource Departments

Avoid introducing the same employee data in multiple systems. Speed up transactions when you hire en-masse. Enable solutions that empower your employees to key and maintain their own data and relieve your human resources from this tedious task. Store business hour clock in and clock out information wherever you like.

For Sales Departments

For Sales Departments

Enable your sales team access to a data log of all the interactions a client has had with the administrative or support departments, so they can offer the most appropriate solutions. Share real time information between CRMs and any other business application.

For Administrative Departments

For Administrative Departments

Avoid data entry errors or data duplicates. Automatically synchronize updated information from the administrative to the finance department. Establish perfect communication with sales and logistics departments.

For Marketing Departments

For Marketing Departments

Increase the efficiency of your campaigns by using metrics to better gauge your returns on marketing investments. Segment your clientele more effectively by integrating data from your sales team. Effortlessly manage your ecommerce platform. Launch products quickly and efficiently.

For IT Departments or Information Systems

For IT Departments or Information Systems

Speed up team trainings and tool development for employees. Improve employee satisfaction by providing them with automatic status updates for their IT incidences and tasks.

EDICOMiPaaS Can Integrate Any Application

If you have any application or process that you need to integrate and we have not mentioned it let us know.

We can integrate anything, let us know and we will promptly contact you.

Integrate Data from Your ERP to Any Application

Process orders from your ecommerce application immediately in your ERP. Exchange ticket and service incidence information directly with other departments. Share relevant employee data with your human resource manage applications. 

A company’s ERP tends to be the cornerstone around which all data circulates. Ensure that all data in external applications used by other departments is available in your ERP, so that everyone has access to the same information. 

EDICOMiPaaS integrates management systems, marketplaces, ERPs and in-house applications without excluding any solution, system or data base.

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