Human Resources Integration

Manage all your data related to hiring, contracting, payroll, users, accounts, check ins and checkouts, training and much more. Make your human resources fast and efficient.

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Human Resources Management Integration

Automate all your complicated manual tasks.

Forget about manual data entry in systems and applications. Establish automation processes that will move payroll, clock in, and other data from one application to another. 

Integrate any system, whether it is a data base or an application. Consolidate and share data no matter how dispersed data is. Conduct the integrations your team needs to focus on truly essential business.

Do Not Fall Behind the Competition With Your HR Processes

Simplify the management of your complex application ecosystem with different characteristics. Horizontally share all the data housed in different solutions used by your department and ensure a consolidated real time view of everything occurring in it.

Take advantage of the power of data integration technology to eliminate duplicate and expendable processes and work at the same pace as large companies.

EDICOMiPaaS HR Management Benefits

Speed up your human resource department’s operations and decision making.


Cut Unnecessary Operational Costs in Your Human Resources Department

  • Eliminate manual data entry and duplicate tasks by automating those processes to speed up your entire department’s operations.

  • Ensure that your teams spend their time on cost saving and value generating tasks.

  • Noticeably speed up processes that require speed like contracting in construction, tourism and Hospitality.

Have new Employees Onboarded in No-Time

  • New employees and human resources employees will never have to manually introduce data in multiple systems, ensuring a quick employee onboarding.

  • Do not let IT or administrative reasons slow down your new employee’s onboarding and productivity. Data integration can ensure a seamless experience making your employees more productive, faster.

Improve Your Company Onboarding Process

  • Improve employee satisfaction from their very first experience with your company. Maintain their motivation by ensuring that all the details of their onboarding go smoothly.

  • Avoid any complications with different passwords for different applications. Ensure that your employees’ payrolls arrive on time and according to regulations.

How Can EDICOMiPaaS Help With Mergers and Acquisitions?

Besides a quick and easy onboarding of your employees to your newly consolidated company, our platform can convert and transfer any critical business data from the absorbed business. 

EDICOMiPaaS Speeds up any transition in M&A related processes.

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