Integrations of Mergers and Acquisitions

Add new data, new applications, and new employees to your organization easily. Conduct smooth change management with data integration and ensure the smooth and seamless functioning of your expanded business in record time.

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Integrations for Mergers and Acquisitions

Make mergers and acquisitions something easy to manage.

From the perspective of critical information management, the use of EDICOM’s iPaaS integration platform facilitates migration and centralization tasks derived from these processes.

Solve the complexity that emerges from having multiple management systems (ERPs, CRMs, data bases) from different entities with different formats and structures.

Perform Seamless Transitions Without Interrupting Client facing Operations

Enable access to critical business information in both companies to all company employees in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Allow sales, administration, or support teams to continue work with clients without negatively impacting their processes because of missing data. Maintain your company’s image through a high level of customer satisfaction during a critical moment for your new organization.

Benefits for Mergers and Acquisitions

If you have an online store it is important to communicate effectively with the different parts of your company that work with it. 




Analyze the objectives of your project with EDICOM helping you to identify applications, data, and key processes. Establish new data and system flows and optimize the centralization of both companies’ data to enable the integration of the new conglomerate rapidly and effectively.



With EDICOM’s help you can identify the data that needs to be extracted from the acquired company and integrate it with the purchasing company’s systems. Quickly implement important data sources like client and employee data bases to ensure maximum productivity with minimal downtime.

How can our Integration Platform Optimize Your Company’s Processes?

Integrate client information from a CRM, ERP, or purchase Orders. Give your sales department access to marketing campaign data through the CRM or give customer service access to sales department client contact logs.

Grant every employee in your company access to all the information they need.

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