Marketplace Integrations

We simplify the integration of your management systems with your primary marketplaces. We automate your communication flows to facilitate order management with any electronic business.

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Marketplace Integration Services

Propel your eCommerce strategy by integrating to your Marketplaces.

Integrating your company with your primary marketplaces simplifies the implementation of eCommerce strategies.

EDICOM’s iPaaS platform for cloud integration will enable you to automate the management of orders, invoices, dispatch advises and even integrate your product catalogues with all of your marketplaces. 

EDICOMiPaaS Marketplace Integration Services - Benefits

Expand Your Sales Channels.

Communicate with your clients wherever they may be and offer the highest quality customer service thanks to the automation facilitated by our integration services with your most important eCommerce marketplaces. 


erp marketplace integration

Updated Data

Automate data updates with all of your marketplaces.

marketplace synchronization


Real time product data synchronization managed from your ERP with all of your marketplaces.

order synchronization

Order Integration

Immediate integration of purchase orders generated in marketplaces with you management systems.

invoices marketplace

Instantly Create Invoices

Send your invoices that have been automatically generated invoices from purchase orders instantaneously.

integration logistics marketplace

Integration with Logistical Operators

Integrate your logistical operators to your management processes 360º communications.

shipment integration

Delivery Notes

Automate the emission of delivery notes according to the flows defined by each Marketplace.

... More Advantages...

In a world where clients become more demanding every day, offering real time order statuses not only increases customer satisfaction, but is also an expectation.

Logistics like shipping and warehousing are often managed by third parties. In these cases, it is indispensable to have perfectly synchronized information between these partners and your company.

When a company manages its stock in a marketplace’s warehouses and not its own it is important to have updated stock and delivery information. 

Position your Brand and Products in more online stores, with more traffic, and in marketplaces all over the world. This will surely increase the amount of people familiar with your markets and brand recognition.

Being able to reach clients in other countries through their marketplaces enables you to Foster interest in your products abroad without having to create a localized online store.

Currently, instead of searching for products on search engines many users search products directly on Marketplace apps or websites. Presence on these marketplaces increases your potential client base and your sales.

Do You Want to Begin Your Expansion and Acquire New Clients in New Markets?

Requirement analysis and client necessities are an extremely important part of our bespoke project management.

Tell us about your business and we will design a project tailored to your needs through EDICOMiPaaS.

Poor sales channel communication leads to stock discrepancies and poses a major obstacle.

This obstacle is mainly faced by sales.

Avoid missed sales from stock shortages on online stores. Allow customers to search stock in the nearest brick and mortar stores so they can go buy products physically.

Prevent selling out of stock items through transversal stock integration with all your sales channels directly integrated with your PIM or ERP management systems.

In retail many purchases are impulsive, and clients want their items immediately. To avoid losing sales it is important to provide clients with as much information as possible.

Discover More Omnichannel Experiences


Online Store

If a sale is made through any sales channel it will immediately be reflected in the stock of all of them.


Brick and Mortar Establishments

If you have one or many brick and mortar stores it is important to maintain stock coherence with all of your sales channels.



Synchronized stock in every Marketplace in real time with no manual data entry.

Make better decisions in less time through key data analysis Through Centralization.

Obtain real time information concerning the performance and profitability of every sales channel including online stores, market places or brick and mortar shops. 

Channel all of your invoice, sales, product, expense and return data relative to each sales channel to a single business intelligence tool (Power BI, Tableau, etc) with EDICOMiPaaS. EDICOMiPaaS will enable you to perform a better analysis of your business and make better strategic decisions.

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