eCommerce Integration

A digital business needs to digitalize its fundamental business processes. Its data must be managed with precision, automation, and speed. Having an online store must denote more sales not more work.

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magento integration
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e-Commerce Integrations

Optimize your online store by integrating it with your management systems.

Establish complete alignment between the data stored in your management systems and your e-Commerce website. By integrating your website and your management system you will save time and avoid losing important sales opportunities. 

Orders, invoices, clients, deliveries, catalogues, and stock are just some examples of data that can be instantly synchronized from your management system to your e-Commerce platform. This will make the management of your online stores and other channels faster and more efficient.

Don’t Manage Your Online Store through “analogue methods”

With data integration avoid manual data entry of orders received in your online store. These manual processes are unnecessary and limit the scalability of your online sales.

If you have processes that generate no added value and can be affected by human error, automation is the solution.

EDICOMiPaaS Benefits For e-Commerce

If you have an online store it is important to have effective communication between the different departments that manage it.

data silos

Centralize Key business data and Avoid Information Silos

Ensure that the information in your management systems and your online store are always synchronized. Allow other departments access information that would otherwise be hidden away to exploit potential opportunities (Marketing campaigns, insights, business development, develop new dashboards, etc).

product data sync

Immediate Synchronization of Product Data, Prices, etc. In Online Market Places

Avoid Price disparities between different channels that can result in lost sales. Update your stock references immediately in every one of your sales channels. Launch new products and collections immediately.

real time integration

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Faster Response Times

Ship orders generated from your online store faster through instantly synchronized information and conduct deliveries in record time. Give your client’s real time order statuses through your online store.

EDICOMiPaaS can Integrate any Application

If you need to integrate applications for any data Flow or work flow we have not mentioned please reach out and let us know.

We can integrate anything. leave your contact details and we Will reach out.

Attain 100% accuracy in real time between data in your online store and any Management System

Online stores, mobile apps, call centers, brick and mortar stores, fulfillment centers or warehouses, customer service,…

If every employee in your company has access to the same updated information in real time they will manage any issue with speed and accuracy, improving customer satisfaction.

  • Order data

  • Client files

  • Delivery Status

  • Transaction Data

  • Product Data

  • Return Status


Your online store is not your only direct to consumer sales channel?

EDICOM iPaaS can also implement omnichannel strategies in your organization. We can create new sales processes, marketing flows or loyalty programs that can positively impact your customer’s satisfaction.

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