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Electronic commerce is now safely possible thanks to the high level of security guaranteed through sophisticated electronic certification mechanisms called trust services. From unqualified electronic signatures, to complex qualified digital signatures, the level of security applied to your transactions will depend on the importance and privacy of the information transmitted. Keep up with the latest news in our blog and visit our EDICOM trust services website.

EDICOM is certified as a Qualified Authorization Provider in Panama

La Dirección General de Ingresos (DGI) accredits EDICOM as a Qualified Authorized Provider in Panama

e-Delivery: How to Certify the Delivery of Your Electronic Documents

e-Delivery qualified electronic delivery service
The rapid advance of digitalization in communications requires a secure system that guarantees data confidentiality

eIDAS: 5 Years Making Transactions More Secure in the European Union

eIDAS regulation
This legislation’s objective is to improve access to public services by minimizing transaction and identity fraud

EDICOM Renews Its HDS Certification to Securely Archive Health Data

EDICOM HDS Certification france
EDICOM is one of the authorized hosting providers for the French healthcare system

What are Electronic Trust Services?

Electronic Trust Services
Learn what Trust Services are and why they are essential to ensure secure e-commerce

Advantages of Using Electronic Time Stamps for your Documents

Learn how the electronic time stamp certificate works and why to apply it to your documents

Electronic Invoicing in the European Public Sector

B2G e-Invoicing europe
Update on the status of B2G e-Invoicing implementation following the entry into force of Directive 2014/55

Blockchain and Electronic Data Archiving: Evidence Protection

Blockchain and Long Term Archiving documents
EDICOM Long Term Archiving uses blockchain tecnology in order to manage integrity evidences protecting critical documents.