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The electronic invoice is currently in its global heyday. The optimization of management processes and its capacity to improve tax and accounting controls have made it into the clear preference of companies and governments.

Through our blog, we will give you the latest updates surrounding the electronic invoice globally. You can also find information about every country’s e-invoicing process on the electronic invoicing website.

EDICOM Opens New Headquarters in Morocco

EDICOM Strengthens its presence in Africa and the Middle East.

CFDI 4.0 – Mexico Updates e-Invoice Format

16/06/2022 (updated)
cfdi 4.0
The CFDI version 4.0 will impact all issuance and reception flows of the electronic invoice and associated documents

Romania: B2G and B2B e-invoicing with the RO e-Invoice platform

01/06/2022 (updated)
e-Invoicing Romania
Romania is preparing for a gradual implementation of B2B and B2G e-Invoicing through its national platform RO e-Factura

Status of B2B Electronic Invoicing in France

31/05/2022 (updated)
factura B2B francia
France is moving forward with its new electronic taxation system for private companies.

Japan Adopts PEPPOL Network for e-Invoicing

27/05/2022 (updated)
Japan adopts PEPPOL
Japan has launched its e-invoicing project based on the PEPPOL standard.

United States Launches Electronic Invoicing Pilot Project

18/05/2022 (updated)
 Electronic Invoicing USA
The initiative seeks to establish a standardized electronic invoicing system with an electronic document exchange network.

Belgium Expands the B2G Electronic Invoice to All Its Suppliers

21/04/2022 (updated)
Belgium B2G electronic invoice
Belgium approved a draft royal decree to implement the electronic invoice for all the public administrations

Costa Rica - Electronic Invoicing of Airline Tickets

Electronic Invoicing Airlines Costa Rica
The sale of Airline Tickets in Costa Rica must be supported by electronic invoices as of April 2022

Sweden Begins e-Invoicing and Digital VAT Initiative

Sweden e-Invoicing and Digital VAT Initiative
Swedish Tax Agency is now considering several different models in order to meet digital VAT reporting requirements

EDICOM Sponsors the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Americas in Miami

E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Americas in Miami
The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Americas is the only forum dedicated to E-Invoicing in the Americas

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