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The electronic invoice is currently in its global heyday. The optimization of management processes and its capacity to improve tax and accounting controls have made it into the clear preference of companies and governments.

Through our blog, we will give you the latest updates surrounding the electronic invoice globally. You can also find information about every country’s e-invoicing process on the electronic invoicing website.

The Electonic Invoice in El Salvador

01/03/2023 (updated)
e-invoicing El Salvador
El Salvador continues to develop their electronic invoicing system

Nigeria: Cross-border e-Invoicing via the Central Bank of Nigeria

Nigeria: Cross-border e-Invoicing via the Central Bank of Nigeria
As of February 01, 2022, all import and export operations will require the submission of an electronic invoice

Status of e-Invoicing in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE countries)

08/02/2023 (updated)
e-Invoicing in CEE countries
Which countries in Central and Eastern Europe are e-Invoicing and VAT registration declarations headed?

The State of Electronic Invoicing in Panama

06/02/2023 (updated)
Electronic Invoicing Panama
We analyze the main features of the Panamanian Electronic Invoice System (SFEP)

Key Facts about Egypt's Electronic Invoicing System

03/02/2023 (updated)
e-invoicing egypt
All companies operating in Egypt selling taxable goods or services will be affected

Slovakia Continues to Advance its e-Invoicing Project

23/01/2023 (updated)
Slovakia  e-Invoicing
Slovakia has completed its communications platform called IS EFA to send electronic invoices to public administrations

Portugal Makes it Mandatory to Declare the SAF-T Accounting File

17/01/2023 (updated)
SAF-T portugal
The declaration of SAF-T accounting files will be mandatory beginning in January 2025

Key Information About SAFT-PT Portugal Declarations

17/01/2023 (updated)
SAFT-PT Portugal Declarations
Portugal has been a pioneer of the SAF-T standard through a diverse implementation of different kinds of SAF-T files

Portugal: Electronic Tax Requirements

17/01/2023 (updated)
 tax requirements Portugal
New obligations to comply with electronic tax requirements in Portugal

How Do Electronic Invoicing And Tax Reporting in South Africa Work

electronic invoicing and tax reporting in South Africa
The SARS has implemented rules and regulations concerning the requirements and conditions for electronic invoices