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The electronic invoice is currently in its global heyday. The optimization of management processes and its capacity to improve tax and accounting controls have made it into the clear preference of companies and governments.

Through our blog, we will give you the latest updates surrounding the electronic invoice globally. You can also find information about every country’s e-invoicing process on the electronic invoicing website.

Malaysia to Introduce Electronic Invoicing Staged Implementation

e-Invoicing Malaysia
The Government in Malaysia has announced a staged plan to implement electronic invoicing in the country

EDICOM Accredited as Peppol Compliant eProcurement System Provider Across the Nordic Borders

EDICOM Peppol provider
EDICOM took part of the pilot project on automating electronic exchange of invoices, orders and catalogues in Peppol format

Electronic Invoicing in Uganda – The EFRIS System

28/07/2022 (updated)
Electronic Invoicing in Uganda – EFRIS System
We detail how to comply with the recent obligation to issue electronic invoices in the country.

How Does e-Invoicing Work in Uruguay?

e-Invoicing Uruguay
Learn about the e-Invoicing system in Uruguay based on the use of e-Tax Receipts (CFE).

The State of Electronic Invoicing in Panama

25/07/2022 (updated)
Electronic Invoicing Panama
We analyze the main features of the Panamanian Electronic Invoice System (SFEP)

Australia Approves B2B e-Invoicing

21/07/2022 (updated)
Australia B2B e-Invoicing
The ATO has taken initiative with the Business e-Invoicing Right (BER) to push for the adoption of B2B e-Invoicing

Spain: New Requirements for Computerized Invoicing Systems (SIF)

Spain: Computerized Invoicing Systems (SIF)
Conozca el estado del nuevo reglamento de requisitos técnicos de Sistemas Informáticos de Facturación (SIF) en España.

Webinar: Peppol eInvoicing in Australia and beyond

Peppol eInvoicing
EDICOM hosts a webinar together with Mark Stockwell, eInvoicing Director at the ATO

Portugal: Electronic Tax Requirements in 2022

08/07/2022 (updated)
 tax requirements Portugal
New obligations to comply with electronic tax requirements in Portugal

EDICOM Opens New Headquarters in Morocco

EDICOM Strengthens its presence in Africa and the Middle East.