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The digital transformation of companies has become a necessity to guarantee their survival. In our blog you can discover the latest technological innovations and thereby choose those that best suit your company’s needs.

Tools and technology for the management of large EDI projects

EDI projects
Collaborative technology and methodology for the agile management of large EDI projects with international scope

How ESG is transforming the business world

How ESG is transforming the business world
The ESG approach is a way of assessing the sustainability of a company's investment by looking at specific criteria.

ViDA - The European Union promotes B2B electronic invoicing

VAT in Digital Age - electronic invoicing B2B - EDICOM
The European Union is proposing to update the VAT system using electronic invoicing.

Sustainable Digitalization Can Help Facilitate a Green Transition

Sustainable Digitalization
Benefits of sustainable digitalization through a digital transformation model

10 phases for the migration of an EDI platform

migration of an EDI platform
Millions of messages, thousands of partners, hundreds of integrations... migrating your entire EDI platform

Get to know the technology behind our EDI platform

software EDI SaaS
At EDICOM we rely on the latest information security technology and IT service quality to develop our EDI SaaS solutions

How to apply data analytics in business decision making

data analytics
Tips on how to apply data analytics in business decision-making

Business Intelligence: 5 Ways To implement Business Intelligence In Your Company

Business Intelligence
What is Business Intelligence and what are the main benefits of implementing it in your organization?

Challenges In The Face Of Hyper Fragmented Markets

Hyper Fragmented Markets
Internationalization poses a set of challenges for companies, since they no longer must serve a single market