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The digital transformation of companies has become a necessity to guarantee their survival. In our blog you can discover the latest technological innovations and thereby choose those that best suit your company’s needs.

What is corporate governance and what role does it play in digitalization

Digital Transformation
Corporate Governance
Corporate government must combine technology, knowledge, and management processes to promote transparency in companies.

The Digital Transformation of Companies

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
What is digital transformation and why has it become the epicenter of business strategies

What are SaaS Technologies?

Digital Transformation
SaaS Technologies Software as a Service
Discover what Software as a Service - SaaS technology is all about and all the advantages it offers.

Automated Accounts Payable and Accounts Recievable

Digital Transformation,  Electronic Data Interchange – EDI
Accounts Payable and Accounts Recievable
Digitalization is changing these processes through the implementation of new and more efficient management systems.

Spain Launches the 2021-2025 SME Digitalization Plan

Digital Transformation
Spain Digitalization Plan
The digitalization plan is a response to the Digital Agenda Spain 2025 which includes the digitalization of SMEs

What is e-Procurement? Benefits and Requirements

Digital Transformation
e-Procurement can be applied to trade relationships either within the private sector or between private and public sectors

What Does ‘Paperless’ Mean? Much More Than the End of Paper

Digital Transformation
paperless digital transformation
Digitalization is a major factor for competitivity, efficiency and productivity.

What is iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) and why does your company need it

Integration Platform as a Service - iPaaS,  Digital Transformation
ipaas Integration Platform as a Service
iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a software-based cloud platform that integrates different applications

Keys to a Successful EDI Project Implementation

Digital Transformation
EDI Project Implementation
The choice of tech provider is one of the critical aspects of rolling out an EDI project in a company

Connect with Amazon and other e-Commerce platforms via EDI

Electronic Data Interchange – EDI ,  Digital Transformation
EDI in the fashion industry
Information control and analysis is key to tracking each stage involved in sales, from order reception to final delivery,

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