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How to send PDF invoices legally in Portugal

07/12/2023 (updated)
electronic signature Portugal
From January 1, 2025, PDF invoices in Portugal must include a qualified electronic signature.

Portugal: Electronic Invoice with the Public Administration

B2G Electronic Invoice Portugal
Learn the keys to the B2G electronic invoice in Portugal

Saudi Arabia Makes Electronic Invoicing Mandatory: FATOORAH Project

21/11/2023 (updated)
Saudi Arabia Electronic Invoicing
The EDICOM e-Invoicing solution for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ready for the integration phase with the ZATCA system

Guide to Selecting the Ideal Authorized Certification Provider (PAC) in Mexico

PAC México
Learn the 5 considerations when selecting the best PAC in Mexico and optimize your fiscal processes effectively

Australia Pushes for B2B e-Invoicing

25/10/2023 (updated)
Australia B2B e-Invoicing
The ATO has taken initiative with the Business e-Invoicing Right (BER) to push for the adoption of B2B e-Invoicing

End of SAP GRC Support in Brazil - 5 Keys to Building your Supplier Selection Strategy

brasil sap
The NF-e inbound and outbound module at SAP GRC will cease to operate on December 31, 2025.

Germany: B2G e-Invoicing in the German Federal States

23/10/2023 (updated)
e-Invoicing in the German Federal States
Since 18th April 2020 the federated states must accept e-invoices in compliance with the European Directive 2014/55/EU

Oman plans for e-Invoicing

oman einvoicing
Oman’s Tax Authority announced its intention to transition to e-Invoicing but with no confirmed timeline or details

Belgium Expands the B2G Electronic Invoice to All Its Suppliers

26/09/2023 (updated)
Belgium B2G electronic invoice
Belgium approved a draft royal decree to implement the electronic invoice for all the public administrations

5 Common Misconceptions Regarding CFDI 4.0 Implementation in Mexico

Discover the 5 most common misconceptions about CFDI 4.0 in the business world.