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Ticket Bai Spain’s New Invoicing and Tax Compliance System

16/01/2023 (updated)
TicketBai Spain Tax Compliance
TicketBAI is the new invoice reporting model created by the three Basque provincial councils and the Basque Government

How Do Electronic Invoicing And Tax Reporting in South Africa Work

electronic invoicing and tax reporting in South Africa
The SARS has implemented rules and regulations concerning the requirements and conditions for electronic invoices

Tools and technology for the management of large EDI projects

EDI projects
Collaborative technology and methodology for the agile management of large EDI projects with international scope

Romania: B2G and B2B e-invoicing with the RO e-Invoice platform

22/12/2022 (updated)
e-Invoicing Romania
Romania is preparing for a gradual implementation of B2B and B2G e-Invoicing through its national platform RO e-Factura

How ESG is transforming the business world

How ESG is transforming the business world
The ESG approach is a way of assessing the sustainability of a company's investment by looking at specific criteria.

ViDA - The European Union promotes B2B electronic invoicing

VAT in Digital Age - electronic invoicing B2B - EDICOM
The European Union is proposing to update the VAT system using electronic invoicing.

Brazil Makes the Use of the GTIN Code Mandatory in the e-Fiscal Note (NF-e)

20/12/2022 (updated)
As of September 12, 2022, using the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) on the e-Fiscal Note (NF e) is mandatory.

e-Invoicing and e-Tax Compliance in Africa

09/12/2022 (updated)
fe africa
We analyze the state of e-Invoicing in Africa and the latest developments in e-Tax compliance.

EDICOM is certified as a Qualified Authorization Provider in Panama

La Dirección General de Ingresos (DGI) accredits EDICOM as a Qualified Authorized Provider in Panama

New Requirements for the Declaration of the Transportation of Merchandise in Mexico

28/11/2022 (updated)
CFDI  mexico
The SAT has approved a consignment note that must accompany the CFDI for the transfer of merchandise