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Germany Finalizes the Implementation of Electronic Invoicing with the Public Administration

Germany e-invoicing
As of November 27th, all suppliers on a federal level must adhere to the electronic invoicing system

Electronic Invoicing in the European Public Sector

B2G e-Invoicing europe
Update on the status of B2G e-Invoicing implementation following the entry into force of Directive 2014/55

What Does ‘Paperless’ Mean? Much More Than the End of Paper

paperless digital transformation
Digitalization is a major factor for competitivity, efficiency and productivity.

What is e-Procurement? Benefits and Requirements

e-Procurement can be applied to trade relationships either within the private sector or between private and public sectors

Taiwan Makes e-Invoicing Mandatory for all Taxpayers

 e-Invoicing  Taiwán
Since January 2021, any foreign or national company in Taiwan must invoice electronically

Public Authorities in Denmark to Manage Orders and Catalogs Electronically

Denmark electronic orders
The Danish Chamber of Commerce plans to roll out the mandatory use of electronic orders and catalogs beginning 1st January

EDICOM Participates in the Promotion of Electronic Invoicing in Belgium

Electronic Invoicing in Belgium
EDICOM is collaborating with the Flemish government and the network of businesses, Vlaams netwerk van ondernemingen (VOKA)

Brazil Makes Changes to the Electronic Fiscal Note

einvoicing brazil
The SEFAZ published Technical Note 2020 006 V1.0, introducing new requirements that enter into force on April 5th. 

10 Benefits to Your Business From Electronic Invoicing

benefits Electronic Invoicing
Discover all the advantages of electronic invoicing and why more and more companies are using it

EDICOM Is Certified as a Peppol Access Point in Australia and New Zealand

PEPPOL Australia and New Zealand
EDICOM has been accredited as an access point in Australia and New Zealand by the PEPPOL authorities in each country