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Blockchain and Electronic Data Archiving: Evidence Protection

Blockchain and Long Term Archiving documents
EDICOM Long Term Archiving uses blockchain tecnology in order to manage integrity evidences protecting critical documents.

Keys to a Successful EDI Project Implementation

EDI Project Implementation
The choice of tech provider is one of the critical aspects of rolling out an EDI project in a company

Connect with Amazon and other e-Commerce platforms via EDI

EDI in the fashion industry
Information control and analysis is key to tracking each stage involved in sales, from order reception to final delivery,

REMADV: the EDI message that lets you know when you're being paid

Remittance advice message (REMADV)
REMADV is an EDI document that a company issues to its supplier as notice of when and how much they are going to pay

B2G e-Invoicing with Public Administrations in Europe (White Paper)

B2G e-Invoicing Europe
Download the White Paper on e-Invoicing with Public Administrations in the European Union

The EU-funded initiative Govein launches its second project, GOV2EU

EU-funded initiative Govein
24 participants have joined this EU-funded project framed within Europe’s CEF TELECOM e-Invoicing initiative

EDI Implementation Worldwide: Europe, USA, Latin America

Worldwide EDI - International EDI
EDI has evolved differently in each region of the world. In this post, we go over the models rolled out in Europe, the Unit

ASN or DESADV, a key EDI message in the supply chain

ASN is also known by the abbreviation DESADV or the term Despatch Advice when working with the EDIFACT standard