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EDICOM Certified as Peppol Access Point in Singapore

EDICOM Peppol Access Point in Singapore
EDICOM has been certified by the IMDA as an Access Point for the Peppol network in Singapore

How to legally send invoices in PDF format

invoices in PDF format
Business@Mail integrates with your EDI solution and ERP, automating the sending of 100% of your invoices to all your client

Argentina: VAT withholding certificates must be issued electronically through the SIRE system

argentina VAT
AFIP has implemented a new electronic system for issuing withholding certificates and collecting Value Added Tax (VAT)

What Are Electronic Orders? Benefits and Success Cases in Europe.

Electronic Orders
Do you know all you need to know about electronic orders? What are they? What are they used for? Which countries have mad

2020 Roadmap: the Advance of E-Invoicing in Europe and Latin America, and Launch in New Markets

einvocing worldwide
E-invoicing continues its unstoppable advance across the globe. Discover the latest in e-invoicing and the foremost changes

The Hungarian Tax Authority NAV Is Set to Require the Saf-T Format for Data Reporting

hungria nav saft
NAV has organized a pilot project involving large enterprises and tech providers, including EDICOM to implement the SAF-T

Implementation of Govein 19 Is Succeeding across Europe

Govein 19 europe
The GOVEIN19 project has implemented an eInvoicing solution for hospitals from Belgium, Poland, Portugal, and Hungary

Germany: New Timeline in the Implementation of the European Directive on Public Sector e-Invoicing

Germany einvoicing
Germany sets a new timetable for the implementation of the European Directive on electronic invoicing in the public sector.

EDICOM has implemented its e-Invoicing solution for 36 European hospitals as part of the HOSP&INVOICE European Project

e-Invoicing solution hospitals
Each hospital is now able to receive and process cross-border electronic invoices compliant with the European Directive

EDICOM Sponsors e-Rechnungs-Gipfel e-Invoicing Summit

e-Rechnungs-Gipfel e-Invoicing Summit
The e-Invoicing Summit aims to promote electronic public procurement and the implementation of B2G e-Invoicing