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Croatia: Mandatory Electronic Invoicing with the Public Administration

Croatia electronic invoicing

Croatia implemented mandatory electronic invoicing with the Public Administration in 2019. Since July 1st 2019, all invoices must be sent electronically to the public entities in the country.

The government created a central platform called Servis eRačun za državu, which is operated by Fina, a financial agency, connected to all Public Administrations. The platform receives all electronic invoices addressed to public entities.

The direct connection to the platform is made through PEPPOL. Fina is a PEPPOL Access Point capable of communicating with any other PEPPOL Access Point like EDICOM.

The electronic invoices that are sent through PEPPOL will not require an electronic signature, but those sent by other electronic means will have to apply it. e-Invoicing archiving is mandatory for 11 years.

The Croatian government emphasizes that electronic invoicing will benefit companies in the following aspects:

  • Savings when it comes to processing invoices due to process automation.
  • Better use of human resources and increased productivity.
  • Agile searches and document storage.

In addition, the government believes that the mandatory use of electronic invoicing with public administrations will encourage the expansion of this process to the private sector.

With Croatia taking part in mandatory e-Procurement, there are already several countries to which companies must adapt. EDICOM helps companies automate the sending of their invoices to the European public administrations of any country in an agile and simple way. EDICOM´s integrated ASP solution combines the flexibility of a multiprotocol platform capable of connecting with any ERP system, and the interconnectivity of its HUB network giving its clients access to public administrations throughout Europe.


EDICOM participates in GOV2EU Project (2016-EU-IA-0096). Supporting public entities to adopt EU Standard on electronic invoice for cross-border transactions.

GOV2EU Project (2016-EU-IA-0096)

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